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Why You Want to Beat Fatigue and Increase Your Action Potential.

February is in full form, and this is a big month. It’s when your momentum for the year will likely make the biggest spike following the end of the year past and the start of the new now taking shape.

For us, after years of bringing this whole idea of what it means to live a “performance lifestyle” together, the new website IS going to go live. We thought it would be this week, but it’s going to be next. People plan and God often times has other plans. 😉

I’m particularly excited about it because we’re providing the needed insight, for starters, into a big problem that is affecting millions of people whether they know it (and most do) or not (and there are a lot of these people too).

It’s the problem of fatigue or feeling tired all the time that I’m talking about; including, but not limited to the kind of fatigue you experience after a hard day’s work.

While that’s expected, and to some degree, normal and natural, it’s accentuated today due to technology, the access to information and the type of work most of us are doing these days processing that information. It’s more draining than you realize.

The thing is, many or even most of us do not know how to deal with even that fatigue let alone when that fatigue develops into a chronic energy debt that you can’t see and often aren’t even aware of, yet it has far-reaching influences.

And it’s because so many people suffer from fatigue that they suffer from weight and health/mental health issues, and performance and quality-of-life issues; and there are a series of underlying lifestyle issues that give rise to it.

Hence, if you are reading this, why you are learning about all the underlying and hidden lifestyle challenges that give rise to fatigue and poor lifestyle habits, so you can begin living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.
It’s called a “performance lifestyle,” the curriculum for living where you learn how to:

  • Get the performance edge via optimal sleep—the morning, daytime and nighttime routines that support it,
  • Master the secrets of living with optimal energy levels
  • Function in the optimal performance state (most of the time 😉
  • Align with essential lifestyle habits you need to know to live your life, like a pro.
  • Influence others in a way that helps them, you the planet we live on.

Whether fatigue is pronounced in your life and chronic, or simply a low-level fatigue, or vital exhaustion that’s just always there clouding your attitude and life now devoid of the surges of energy you use to have; its accumulation leads to burning out and wearing out the human brain and body and that doesn’t end well.

This is a big issue, one of the biggest facing humankind, and particularly since technology-driven information age has kicked into high gear, effectively creating a performance culture with widespread effects on the mode, pace, intensity, and consistency of how we live and the consequences we experience.

So while you’ll often hear us talking about “living your life like a pro,” referring to where the inspiration for living a Performance Lifestyle came from (professional and elite athletes) and that you don’t need to be into sports or even a fitness enthusiast to benefit from the mindset and skills set that performance lifestyle training reveals, and, the training curriculum was designed for everyday achievers who want to perform, look and feel better; it effectively solves the far deeper and far-reaching problem of fatigue.

For you to rise stronger than ever before in your life, regardless of age; you need to make sure that you’ve got the energy to do it. Not much transformation happens, personally (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) professionally, creatively or recreatively, unless it’s powered by higher levels of the life force that drives and animates your every minute of every day.

And therein lies the problem.

Most of us are so driven today “generating” that energy at exceptional levels that we’re not regenerating it regularly and systematically at the level we need and at the core of our lifestyle so that we experience that “peak performance” you hear so much about but so few experience without trading their health for it. Too many of us are on our edge and just getting through.

And in the name of maintaining an exceptional level of human performance, we’re effectively trading our health for success, because as we deplete our body/brain of this life force due to a lack of recuperating at least the amount of energy we’re spending, and our entire lifestyle is affected, and negatively.
And that gives rise to all kinds of diseases.

Everything from vital exhaustion, chronic fatigue, burnout, to you wearing out and dying out, every disease is influenced by the not so natural, and expedited decline so many of us are experiencing these days. Across the board, from mental health issues like depression to cancer (all of which are lifestyle-induced), there is a fatigue-related origin.

So imagine from our standpoint, knowing what’s at the root of all that suffering, how compelled we are to help people learn how to regenerate effectively and successfully and live their lives like the pro’s do; the way healthy high achieving people do.

Imagine how excited we are to help you beat fatigue, increase your action potential and make what we’re calling a “Regeneration Transformation.”

  • Reduce your stress,
  • Restore your energy (get out of energy debt) and
  • Elevate your performance.

If that is going on, on a regular basis you will make a transformation; you’ll perform, look and feel better and be driven to improve not only every other aspect of your lifestyle but each area of your life because you’ll have the energy to do it.

Our lives are complex today, and it takes both a certain mindset and skillset, at a whole new level of awareness and development, to achieve our goals without wearing our body/brain out and paying for that success with our health and wellbeing. That’s what most people do.

Faced with the same challenges that’s why we’ve developed the Performance Lifestyle® Curriculum for Living. But before we can get into all of that, we are looking forward to helping you make the kind of transformation that will dramatically change how you improve anything else in your life.

So, when the new website goes live, I will resend this page complete with links. I want you to download the Beat Fatigue Now, Ebook Free and read it!

Everything else you do this year, the level at which you do it, how intensively and consistently you do it will depend on it.

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