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Upgrade Your Lifestyle Achieve Your Ambitious Goals

Upgrade Your Lifestyle and Achieve Your Ambitious Goals

There is a core reason why Lifestyle Coach helps you upgrade your lifestyle to achieve the ambitious goals you have in your life—career, business, creative pursuits, or sport.

And, not make goals, but rather daily objectives out of every aspect of your lifestyle, like getting more sleep, eating healthy, training and conditioning your body.

Of course, among several other parts of your lifestyle, that you can take from theory to practice to mastery with Lifestyle Coach to live a better life.

It’s because people naturally wake to be successful each day, not healthy, let alone “balanced.” So cut yourself some slack for not being able to pull it off before now. You likely didn’t have the right mindset.

With Lifestyle Coach, we keep the emphasis for our clients on helping them change and then improve and optimize their lifestyles so they can function and perform better; and ultimately achieve even their most ambitious goals because they have a balanced and healthy approach.

It’s not because their goals are to be balanced and healthy (even though we all want that); when you upgrade your lifestyle, living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind enables you to achieve your ambitious goals.

It’s simple.

Driven achiever types don’t suffer constant fatigue, weight, and mental and physical health issues because of age. They suffer these conditions because of overexertion, lack of sleep, and poor recovery; inadequate body fueling, physical reconditioning, unsupportive thinking, constant distraction, conflicting intentions, and too much dependent on them. 

All of those are matters of lifestyle and how you approach achieving your goals.

That’s why we help our clients develop a lifestyle that helps deliver the energy, health, and performance capacities they need to succeed at achieving real goals in life. By that, I mean what they are up to in the world. It’s the only context in which you can address all these issues in a way that works.

If you keep people in the mindset of making goals out, say eating healthier, thinking better, or streamlining and simplifying their lives, none of which are realistic goals, you keep people stuck chasing their tails. 

Instead, matters of lifestyle now become daily, weekly, monthly and annual objectives on the path to achieving your goals so you can be successful and sustain both your success and quality of life.

When you upgrade your lifestyle like no other, you will upgrade your lifestyle like no other!

That says, when you make the essential changes, improve and optimize how you live, and approach the achievement of your goals with the energy, health, and performance capacities you need to succeed, you will achieve at much higher levels. 

For instance, to eat healthy as a goal (which is a tiny goal, even if it’s a primary aim for you), you have not to be eating healthy right now. 

Objectives are right now; goals are out there. 

Objectives are actions that give you the energy, maintain your health, and enable you to function and perform “well” moment-to-moment, hour-to-hour, day-to-day, and week-to-week; even, month-to-month and year-to-year. 

You maintain these objective ways of life to do what you do naturally (focus on your success) without burning our or trading your health for success. 

That’s what Lifestyle Coach is helping you do when we say, “upgrade your lifestyle to achieve your ambitious goals.”

The world trains you with the bent towards achieving at all costs, on the plane of competition alone and not creativity, but that’s only half of it. The most significant cost of achieving at all costs, emphasizing performance as an outcome, vs. seeing performance as what enables you to achieve a result, is ironically your energy health and performance capacity itself. 

Given the Big Insight that your human performance is a lifestyle, if you compromise your lifestyle and live out of alignment with the core essentials of human performance for higher levels of induced performance, you risk burnout and trading your health for the desired outcomes.

That is why we ultimately teach people how to develop a balanced and healthy performance Lifestyle, so they become “healthy” high achievers who thrive, not people who achieve their goals at the cost of burnout, health, and well-being.

That approach is nothing short of a whole lifestyle you develop over time, with pertinacity in mind. 

It starts with a lifestyle blueprint that connects all the dots on the distinct but closely related fundamentals of optimal living to upgrade your lifestyle.

Given “lifestyle” is a big subject, you need a “blueprint” to grasp it and expand your awareness and development. That’s why it took more than 20 years to create The Performance Lifestyle Blueprint. When you get your copy, you will find that you can make the essential changes you will want to make for better results and transformation of your present life situation and circumstances.

In the year ahead, for perhaps the first time, you will take an approach that sets you up for success because every day, you are going to emphasize what steers you clear of what distracts and holds you back. 

Remember the list from earlier? 

Imagine a year head where you weren’t: 

  • Overexerting, 
  • Lacking sleep and recovery, 
  • Inadequately fueling your body, 
  • Deconditioned, 
  • Dealing with unsupportive thinking, 
  • Chronically overwhelmed, 
  • Distracted, 
  • Confused with conflicting intentions, 
  • Suffering from too much dependent on you
  • … 

All of which results in constant tiredness, fatigue, excess weight, mental and physical health conditions that people cope with and try to rise above but with little success because these consequences now become the source of new stress. 

Most people have become accustomed to living with circumstances they have to overcome to achieve what they want, so they don’t, but that doesn’t need to be you. Not anymore. 


As “client zero,” entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or by his initials “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his goals without burning out and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness.

As a result, over 20 years, he made the most significant lifestyle change one can make, learned how to manage his energy, and step by step produced the never-before-assembled formula for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle. Today, he’s still an in-the-game lifestyle entrepreneur and a pioneering Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

He is the founder of, where subscribers discover how to achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind. Discover The 3 Lifestyle Strategies for Performing at Your Body’s Best—WITHOUT BURNING OUT OR TRADING YOUR HEALTH FOR SUCCESS.


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