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By the end of 2018 as we complete the launch of Performance Lifestyle’s PL365—ReTraining U™ that for driven achiever types (like you and me) who are working parents, executives and managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners…) we are going to blow out what has been the biggest and most lagging aspect of most people lifestyle’s—sleep.

Sleep is the foundation of living a lifestyle that works for you, not against you, that supports you and what you are up to in the world. Nothing will give you more s[irit, more creative or personal power than doing what feel like nothing, but in fact, is simply no one particular thing; because during sleep you are doing everything. Everything that is, that matters to what you will do in your waking hours.

There is no human function, no human capacity, no act of intelligence or will that will outpace the need for sleep for without it, it makes cowards of us all. No matter what your role in life, it’s sleep that is regenerating the energy that you spending so liberally in our modern busy day.

As a Performance Lifestyle Coach, an entrepreneur and founder of Regenus Centers where we help people recover from the excess stress of the past, get free of constant tiredness and fatigue, the resulting inflammation, aches, and pains, and make the essential lifestyle changes to begin living closer to their full potential; nothing, is more important to the process of recovery than sleep.

No technology, modality, thought process, prayer, food, exercise… NOTHING will do what only sleep can do and that is regenerate your spirit, energy, tissue, and capacity to function and perform well in the world. It’s the crux, the leverage, “the key to successfully” doing anything sustainability, including staying healthy, improving your performance itself.

It’s also the bedrock of what we call a “regeneration transformation” a period of time where you prioritize getting your energy back, and allowing your body to recover, and heal, vs taking on more stress that accumulates and wears your down. In that process, sleep is numero uno.

So how do you improve sleep performance when life is so full, relentless and leaving your feeling like a drunk at the end of the day? Not on alcohol, but in the feeling of exhaustion?

The answer is not about sleep itself, it’s embedded (pun intended) in the 24 hours, 7 days a week cycles of your lifestyle and how you play it. Sure there is your sleep-environment, routines, bedding… and some really good science you need to understand, but there is also an outlook that is so vital, to shift you out of your old ways of thinking about sleep that is an imperative. And inspiring too!

From that, you will establish your sleep values, and priorities and even there it doesn’t stop. Now you’ve got to understand energy, and why you may be too tired to sleep these days.

And great, once you have all of that, you need to build the habits, so that they are so inherent to your way of life, you never require convincing ever again. All of which, if you are not aware and adept of all of this, you can sure you are playing nowhere near your potential in life and probably feeling old at 50!

I’ve been aware of the importance of sleep, but only until recently in my recently minted 50-year-old life did I fill in the missing void of knowledge about sleep that has changed my life for the better forever. I want that for you too!

It’s coming.

It’s the one course wherein, ultimately, you don’t have to do anything to achieve everything. Not bad!

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