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The Top 7 Reasons Why You Want to Optimize the Way You Live.

WARNING: Read this only if you want to maintain your energy, health, and performance, keep up with the rate of change and be light, nimble, agile and capable, undistracted and not held back by anything within your control, in a world that can easily wear you down and change your life as you know it if you are not prepared.  

I know that may sound like I’m a doomsday prepper, but frankly, I’m not. That said, I AM an Eagle Scout, and since I was a young boy I had “be prepared” instilled in my mind. My mother was a home economist and she installed in me a sense of living optimally. Combine that with a brilliant father who was an engineer, but got sick mainly due to poor lifestyle habits and the fact that I was on the same path as an entrepreneur despite healthy eating and strong exercise habits; is it any wonder why I teach people how to optimize the way they live?  

In common terminology, this could mean simplify your life. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why you want to optimize the way you live. 

1. We are living in a performance culture now. The pre-tech days of secure jobs that required humans to do everything, where you could maintain a stabile niche role in a larger business for long periods of time and say, I am a “insert your job title here” are dissipating, as key people become more capable and the software is developed to automatically handle human processes.

2. As competition increases and there are more and more people for less of those jobs, you need to be entrepreneurial and be able to create a job and potentially a business for yourself meeting some need. So you better have wisdom, self-mastery, and the courage to take bold steps starting with optimizing the way you live.  

3. Demands on our energy only increase as the pace of life increases so you must have a lot of it, without stimulating your way through the day; because overstimulating only ensures you’ll tire out, burnout and wear out as you trade your health for success. You must practice proactive recovery and optimize the way you live. 

4. Human Performance is the foundation of productivity, and productivity is essential to thriving financially... Don’t confuse the two, they are not one and the same; and performance is a lifestyle, nothing less. What’s Your Lifestyle Like? 

5. Health care will not solve the problems created by diseases of lifestyle. Our health care system is disease management in disguise. Pharmaceuticals, tests, surgery, etc, all have their place, especially in emergency medical care, but they will NEVER make up for suboptimal-living. 

6. You need to keep your eye on the ball, not be distracted and held back, potentially sidelined or taken out of the game (literally) by hidden lifestyle challenges, that turn into acute and chronic illnesses like fatigue, inflammation, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, cancer… etc. 

7. This is a one and done life, as far as we “know,” not simply believe. You want to live with the best quality of life possible; so, make sure you are on the right side of every issue possible. For easy examples… get good sleep, vs trading it for productivity, eat nutrient-rich vs, nutrient-poor… and so on.  

There are actually numerous more reasons why you want to optimize the way you live, but the best reason why you want to manage your energy like a pro is so that you can live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind, not excess stress and fatigue. 

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