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The Top 5 Performance Lifestyle INSIGHTS of 2018

What the transformational year 2018 was. Every skill I’ve ever learned was put to the test. At times, I thought I would simply bust an o’ring. As so, great pressure reveals great insight, so I want to share with you the top Performance Lifestyle [PL] INSIGHTS of 2018.

You may be thinking, “But JAM, aren’t we learning how to recover from excess stress and achieve even our most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind?

If so, how could you possibly be under so much pressure that you would feel like you were going to explode?

It’s a good question and I used to think the same then I remembered that nowhere does it say that you won’t have super challenging moments, with unexpected circumstances, where your lifestyle skills to fulfill on that mission won’t be put to a test.

In living PL 365, you’ll now have the full balance of lifestyle skills to apply to your present situation so that you can get your energy back, stay healthy and performing at the level you need, to succeed without burning out or trading your health for that success for any significant period of time.

And thank God for that. I sure needed it this past year. Being adept at the fundamentals of successful living kept me moving forward in a position of strength, despite some exceptionally stressful periods, where at another time in my life it might have crushed me.

So let me share with you the 5 Top PL INSIGHTS, culminating in 2018. I say culminating because these insights weren’t wholly discovered in 2018, but they did get clear.

These INSIGHTS are core to living Performance Lifestyle

The Top 5 Performance Lifestyle® INSIGHTS Culminating in 2019:

  1. Performance Lifestyle is first and foremost about understanding all the different aspects of human performance so that you can function fully and not get stuck, for instance, in who you think you are vs what you really are, in vicious cycles on the downward spiral that most people live into coping with stress in ways that create more stress. In a market where performance is pinned on this tactic or that and whole books are written on powerful but fragmented ideas that depend on others to be effective; not only is performance a lifestyle but internally, it’s about understanding human performance, as even external factors require you being a fully functioning human being for you to act on.

  2. Unleashing your full potential is typically just a motivational phrase, in the traditional sense. It is usually just a from-the-neck-up, psychologically-driven idea that is almost always divorced from the source of renewable personal power and pure motive, in the form of energy, that combines with emotional, psychological, intellectual, physiological drivers to perform work. To unleash one’s full potential, you must be one with the source of renewable personal power, also referred to as spirit…, and know how to manage that. Combine that with a fully functioning human brain and body that you also know how to maintain, in a whole lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world with the skills you need to succeed. It’s time to get real about what it really means to unleash (no long distracted and held back), one’s full potential.

  3. What we experience as spirit, or the creative force, evolutionary impulse, Soul or life force, is energy. People often experienced is as spirit, or God within working through you, and for those who are enlightened, as you, with no ego. This energy, needs is unlimited, but it needs to be regenerated in human beings, whose brain and body are at once a miracle of evolution to help us co-create, but also a limitation in that they cannot function indefinitely, in a generative mode, with stimulants; they need time and space to regenerate at the quantum and cellular levels or the body and brain will break down. You may agree or disagree, in a philosophical sense, but in a practical sense, you can experience this directly. This is both human performance and an enlightened perspective on what you really are and what’s at the source of human function. It does not take a belief in mysticism or religion, to reconcile this matter.

  4. Motivational science, et all, Jung, Freud, and Maslow, divorced their theories of motivation on work performance from physiological sources of energy and this has set the pace for work/performance ever since at the cost of understanding fully, what’s driving us all. There is an explanation for why people these days especially, feel tired all the time, and rarely feel fully recovered or naturally performing at peak despite all the motivational seminars they go to improve their thinking. Motivation, which is the balance of motive (a driver) and energy (force) and if either is lacking you can pretty much count on a struggle. I will be revealing the literature on this in my forthcoming book.

  5. Human Performance in terms of how well you perform, at what level, for how long, in good health or not, is dependent on your lifestyle as a whole. It’s not merely thinking alone, willpower or stimulants of various kinds that induce activity and potential success; it’s a whole lifestyle that incorporates one capacity in the complement required. This may not seem so breakthrough, but to those who are not active athletes such as business professionals, and even to many athletes who are reliant on natural talent; sustained performance requires a deep understanding of human performance at the core and the lifestyle that supports it. And that is usually way beyond the current awareness of most people. Those who have this awareness are likely the healthy high achieving people we admire.

There was so much more learned in 2018, and as they clarify we’ll share them at you learn more about living a Performance Lifestyle you can call your own. ~ JAM

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