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Why Driven People Have a Hard Time Changing

The Primary Reason Driven People Have a Hard Time Changing

I am an entrepreneur Lifestyle Coach and work with entrepreneurs and other driven people who commonly burn out and essentially trade their health for Success because they don’t have healthy performance lifestyles.

Along the way, they cope with excess stress in ways that seem ordinary, but in reality, create more stress, not more of the energy they need to succeed and sustain; and despite being driven, even excited about what they do; all of that is true until it’s not.

So in this week’s INSIGHT, I want to get into the primary reasons why driven people, in general, don’t change and why changing and improving, and ultimately optimizing the way you live, can feel daunting at first. Still, in reality, it’s the status quo that’s daunting, not the change itself.

Look, I get it; life is challenging, especially as a person with a lot of responsibility on their time and energy. But that’s all the more reason you work with an entrepreneur lifestyle coach; it’s because we’re like you and don’t make more out of anything than it needs to be; not less either.

So for starters, we all have one fundamental change problem that plagues just about everyone, and it is this.

Driven people are all too often identified with who they are and how they are in the world and cannot step back into their bigger Self to change. It’s the curse of a capable person.

Yeah, I know, big statement, it’s rich and deep and transformational when you lift that lid, but it points to the greatest and most important lifestyle change one can make, will ever make, and it makes all future changes simpler and easier.

But to change, you need to become coming from a non-biased, neutral place that’s grounded, not shifting, and completely objective. Frankly, the only place that absolutely delivers on all 4 of those criteria is “what” you really are.

Meaning, you need to come from the intelligent energy that you are fully present and aware of what’s going on, stepping in between stimulus and response, with a new response.

That’s the key to change, and you can get so good at this, that change and the capacity to improve become so easy to you; you not only move on from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, you will stay in both a state of being and becoming your new and desired future Self. What else could a driven person want?

You could easily argue this is a spiritual practice (because it is), and that’s what you are. You are pure intelligent energy that you experience as spirit, and it’s what’s primarily driving you.

But, if you are not in touch with ‘what you are, caught up in the ‘who’ and ‘how’ you are as a person, you will likely have a difficult time changing. Because you’re driven by enormous demands on your time and energy, you naturally default to your stories from similar experiences from the past to determine how you will respond in the future.

And worse, these stories all combine to create an identity and a personality. If supportive, these stories you live by will promote well-being, but they can compromise your life if they aren’t.

So is it hard to change? No, the story about your current situation and circumstances is daunting, especially if it makes up who you think you are and how you are in the world and gives you a sense of Self. It’s the idea of changing that that seems problematic.

So what do you do?

Have you read Set Yourself up for Success? Yet? Read it, and it will help you make the change that all other changes and improvements depend on in your life and style of living it. And driven people who are healthy and high achieving, depend on it.

You can download that ebook here. I had a driven person (woman) at my center just today who was doing some compression therapy and while lying there explaining how she couldn’t meditate. She spent nearly 10 minutes depleting her energy (why she was in my center was to get her power back), explaining why she couldn’t meditate. Within a minute, she was, and it changed her life.

It’s not about meditation; driven people often convince themselves that they can’t meditate because they don’t have time. It’s about what meditation points to, which is so foundational to your ability to change. And that is, living from that non-biased, neutral place that’s grounded, not shifting, and completely objective.

Reach out to me at, and in one session, we can have you in the experience that will enable you to change immediately.


As “client zero,” John Allen Mollenhauer, known as John Allen or by his initials “JAM,” was desperate to figure out how to achieve his ambitious goals without burning out and trading his health for success despite being proficient in nutrition and fitness.

As a result, over 20 years, he made the greatest and most important lifestyle change one can make, learned how to manage his energy like a pro, and produced the never-before-assembled formula for living a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle, and became a pioneer Performance Lifestyle® Coach.

Today, he is the founder of, where subscribers discover The 3 Pivotal Ways to Drive Their Success, Without Depleting Their Energy and Destroying Their Health. Get on the path to developing a healthy, high-performance lifestyle you can call your own.

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