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The Primary Aim in a Performance Lifestyle

The primary aim in a performance lifestyle is to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

I agree it’s a tall order, and it was for me, but at the time I answered the call to define a performance lifestyle for myself and others; I was in one of the most intense and turbulent periods of my life.

Life is still pretty intense, but earlier on, I had no choice but to make sense of what it was really going to take to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind, no matter what my situation or circumstances.

Little did I know, learning how would make me more effective than I ever imagined.

What I’m talking about is the lifestyle mindset and skill set that fully supports you and what you’re up in the world.

When you’re proficient in getting your needs met, when they need to be met, at the level they need to be met and consistently (as best as is possible) in the course of the intense days, weeks and months we all endure these days in our modern 24/7 365 a year life; life get’s better and you’ll find you’re much more successful … figurative and literally.

What other possible outcomes could a person possibly want in life as their “new normal” then having the skills to live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even their most ambitious goals?

Other than achieving the goals themselves, which is the whole point; when you’re able to fulfill on this primary aim in life, yes essentially enable yourself to continue living in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

Not only do you have a strong sense of accomplishment when you achieve your goals, you get the likely financial rewards as well; and, if you haven’t traded your health for that success, true life enjoyment is experienced. But to experience that outcome, we have to know how to bridge the gap between health and success.

See this graphic to get a visual.

Bridge the gap between health and success.

I explain what this means in my audio.

Right here, I want to ask you this question:

Can you live balanced and healthy, if the minute you’re stressed in a performance situation, especially one that’s ongoing, you crumble under the pressure and are either unable to sustain that pressure (due to a lack of energy, health, and performance capacity) or you resort to stress responses that create more stress due to lack of skill?

No. But that’s exactly what many people who think they’re living balanced and healthy do, which results in one of two outcomes.

1) The give up on the whole idea, or

2) The don’t attempt to step up their game because they don’t have the skills to maintain balance and health while playing bigger in life.

Trust me, this is true. I went through it myself. Being single with a small business, and being married, with kids and a thriving business, was a major change and the transition was a huge challenge.

By the same token, what’s the point of working so hard that by the time you achieve your goals or even accomplish a milestone along the way, you’re so depleted, unhealthy (probably overweight), unfit and worn out that you can’t really enjoy it or sustain the process anyway?

And what does it mean to live in balance, or live a balanced lifestyle? These are different terms and I assure if I ask even the smartest of the bunch, few people will get these answers right. I touch on these performance lifestyle questions in today’s audio.

There are reasons why highly successful people are usually not that balanced and healthy, and very healthy people are not usually (in too many cases) that successful. I also explain why in my audio.

PS: I do these audios because, you, like most people, may be pretty knowledgeable in nutrition or fitness or life in general, but don’t fully understand what it means to live a balanced lifestyle that promotes your health, performance, productivity, and well-being.

We are all learning how, and Performance Lifestyle training is designed to help you do it.

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