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So, you’ve probably by this point read about typical, fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Except for the typical Lifestyle that does not support you or what you are up to, fitness and healthy lifestyles are significant steps towards developing the Lifestyle that will help you achieve your ambitious goals.

Assuming you establish them in a way that works for you, not against you, to live free of disease. There are many unhealthy, “healthy,” and “fitness” oriented lifestyles.

So now, we’re going to introduce you to how you most effectively break free of the typical-the Lifestyle 97%-99% of us live, and both transcend but include both the fitness and healthy lifestyle orientation, in a way that will assuredly work for you.

What we hope you see is that there is a progression going on here. You’ve started moving, eating better, and getting your sleep, but here’s the thing; those are only three aspects of Lifestyle. Even combined, none describes your Lifestyle as a whole.

Meanwhile, “experts” do so much more than merely eating healthily and exercising to achieve the results they are experiencing. Too often, people are left in the dark on all that’s going on in successful people’s lifestyles.

Well, here at Lifestyle Coach, we’ve been aware of this for a long time-for over 20 years.

They have ambitious goals that they want to achieve in life-their family, career or business, sport, or creative art. These require the broader lifestyle mindset and skillset that healthy high achieving people who thrive know and live-by.

Even though it’s their business to sell nutrition, they most likely have performance lifestyles.

We want to help you develop a Performance Lifestyle because this makes the difference in your success.

Eating healthy and being fit are not realistic goals. They are givens. They are supposed to be part of our natural Lifestyle and were more the byproduct of our natural Lifestyle before the modern age that has left us sedentary and subjected to food choices that undermine our health.

And that is why so many of us are wrestle and struggle with eating and exercising. We don’t understand the fundamentals, have the right view on what, why, and how, but most importantly, we don’t yet have the context of our whole Lifestyle and purpose in view.

Your Lifestyle is how you achieve your life goals-your family, career or business, a sport or creative art.

In that context, you are not making goals out of sleep, eating healthy, staying active, or exercising; you take all of these actions and more as part of the Lifestyle that enables you to achieve your goals and thrive.

If you are training for an event, that’s one thing, but sleeping, eating healthy, and training, in general, are now daily objectives so that you can do what you are up to in the world.

To be accurate, you need more than an orientation around fitness and health; you need an orientation around human performance-the lifestyle mindset and skillset that enable you to achieve your goals with your health and wellbeing intact.

When you shift into the mindset of someone living for performance and for some high performance, driven by wanting to achieve your goals, now it becomes your daily objectives to change, improve and optimize your Lifestyle in every way.

And here’s the kicker-your performance is a lifestyle.

You look to become masterful in the various lifestyle skills, including but beyond the traditional emphasis on food, exercise, and sleep only. But now, why you will proactively sleep, eat, and train, takes on a whole new meaning and excitement.

You are now learning how to manage your energy, including the food you eat and your activity, as part of a whole lifestyle management system to function and perform at a much high level.

You are also looking and feeling better, too, as you are no longer tiring out, burning out and wearing out, and trading your health for success.

You move away from being reactive in your life and responding to stress in ways that create more pressure when you are tired and proactive about how you react to stress.

Your Lifestyle from birth to death will determine your energy, health and performance capacities, capabilities, and how long you live. It will no doubt help if you stepped into a balanced and healthy, Performance Lifestyle®.

It’s not merely work-life balance; it’s living in balance so that you can manage your energy like a pro with the balance of skills you need to stay vibrantly healthy and fit for success.

Simply put, you have more “lifestyle” skills to employ to get from here to there with your health and wellbeing intact.

You apply these skills in the macro of your life to change, improve and optimize the way you live and then maintain the skills to live an aligned life that enables you to accomplish and achieve greater ease.

You are soon coming from such a deep grounding in the fundamentals of successful living that as you face stress internally and externally, you know what to do, you know how to do It, and why you’re doing it, so you do it.

You are not making more out of things than they need to be, but not less either. You get committed to mastering the fundamentals-the habits, rituals, and routines; and in doing so, you keep getting better and achieve better results.

These are the 12 fundamentals of a Performance Lifestyle®, the new lifestyle philosophy we assembled and created over the past 20 years. We base our lifestyle training and coaching around them here at

You can learn more here.

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