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The One Thing That Will Increase Your Energy Level.

What’s the one thing that will increase your vital energy levels so essential to success and sustainability of any kind; in the practice of any aspect of your lifestyle and in any area of your life?

The subject of increasing your vital energy is a subject that a lot of people are talking about but very few people know how to talk about and the secret to knowing how is understanding the one thing.

So here’s the one thing. It’s not one thing.

What do I mean by it’s not one thing?

  • It’s not simply intermittent fasting, or doing detox cleanses, although having a clean cellular environment will go a long way.
  • It’s not simply a function of having more mitochondria, the cellular energy generators in your cells or finding ways that will increase the number of mitochondria in each of your cells so you can generate even more energy. Yet, this helps and there is great science to support this.
  • It’s not simply to get more sleep. This will also help a great deal, and it is the bedrock of having more vital energy, but chances are you might not always have the opportunity to get as much sleep as you need. Dependent on sleep alone, if you’re still spending more vital energy than sleep is enabling you to recuperate you’ll still be tired all the time.
  • It’s not simply about reducing stress either. This may be an essential step you need to take; not only reducing the amount of stress but your response to it. The thing is, most people are so over loaded, even when they think they’ve simplified their lives, it’s just not enough.
  • It’s also not as simple as thinking positive either, although this will change the expression of energy you have in a big way.

The truth is all of these tactics and more play a role, some a very big role, but none of them as an answer is the answer as a whole.

So what is the one thing that will increase your energy levels?

Well the best way to sum the answer is to first understanding energy and then having a whole lifestyle strategy that optimizes your energy levels through the strategy itself, which will include several tactics, but not be defined by any one of them.

A strategy to optimize your energy levels has to include not only the strategic inputs of energy like sleep, rest… water, food, exercise, and sunshine… but also the throughputs of energy in terms of how you manage your energy. In addition, the outputs of energy in terms of how you focus and spend your vital energy, and then once again, regenerate energy.

That’s the key word: Regenerate. A process of most of us have no handle on.

There is an answer to how you increase your energy levels; you just have to learn the depth and breadth of the answer and come to terms with the realities. Quick frankly, everything affects our energy levels, and once we get this, we can begin the optimization process while never really depending on just one thing.

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