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The Key Realization That Will Inspire You to Live Better Than Ever Before

One of the most compelling realizations I’ve ever come to, one that inspired me to live better not part of the time but virtually ALL THE TIME appears to be one of the most basic. It gave rise to a whole new lifestyle (literally); one that helped me get my needs met when they needed to be met, at the level they needed to be met with consistency, (most of the time ;-).

In this post, I’m going to share with you the key realization that will probably help you live better than ever before.

You see for years, I was so caught up with work and career, consuming information and taking advantage of all the amazing opportunity that has opened up since our world got connected (Ref: launch of the Internet and how it changed everything) that I wasn’t actually taking care of myself, my body and life nearly as much as I needed to (sometimes, not even close) even though I was an advocate of doing so.

As a result, I started suffering from fatigue, burnout, and maintaining my weight and health became a challenge whereas at one point I never had to worry about such things. Worse, my function and performance began to get compromised.Of course, in a marketplace where we are sold sleep and healthier eating, exercise and all the new goals you can make around these and other aspects of living; I got involved in all kinds of programs. This helped, but ultimately the results I wanted, the “new normal” I wanted to be present in my life, on a consistent basis still eluded me.

And that’s when I realized that there is no value in living one way, and then looking to another way to solve the problems of my previous usual way of living if that pattern is going to persist.

I mean at some point that’s going to happen if you have a wake-up call to look at things differently and change, but at some point, you’ve got optimize the way you live so that you don’t keep experiencing symptoms you don’t want.

That’s when my paradigm began to shift from sticking to someone else’s program to developing a lifestyle I can call my own. That’s when I began the process of developing a performance lifestyle; an idea I learned about in elite athletics at a time when I was so tired of life that taking a walk was challenging!

Long story short, I discovered that within this idea for performance living, was a broader more expansive mindset and skills set than most of us ever associate to “lifestyle,” and I’ve made it my mission to illuminate it for myself and others.

I already had lots of experience with living healthy emphasizing sleep, getting sunlight, eating whole, nutrient-rich foods, being active etc. But for a long time, healthy living took a back seat because I was focused on growing my business. Ironically, my business had a lot to do with helping people get stay healthy while doing what they naturally do and that’s wake up to be successful every day.

I fell into the same pattern many people do. We wake up from probably not enough sleep, drink coffee to get going, get the kids off, go straight to work, perform our business or career functions throughout the day, eat to keep going, come home, work more taking care of key tasks and then go to bed. Wedge in some sleep, exercise when I could get it… you get the picture.

Believe it or not, that’s what too many of us do if it’s not our job to stay healthy and fit. But then at some point, we realize that we’re missing one or more (usually many) of the key aspects of successful living because we’re experiencing unwanted symptoms (fatigue, weight, health, performance). And what do we do? We default to diets and exercise programs, or other outsourced services to get us back to where we want to be.

Matters of lifestyle have become productized, and are sold on Amazon like everything else.

That is not it; not what works. What works in our lives, is having a lifestyle that helps us navigate life effectively. Living in balance requires a good many essential skills that keep you energetic at least 30-50% of your life, healthy, functioning optimally at different levels depending on the cycle you’re in, and sustainable; which means able to perform well for a long period of time.

Like up to 105 years!

Too many of us never see those years of longevity or have the Quality of Life we want in the process because our approach to life is compromised, it takes its toll and our body expires early from not getting its needs met.

Now, I may not know you personally, but I bet that’s not how you want your life to play out. Which is why, we’re putting a real effort here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, to make sure you don’t just stop at “eating healthier,” “exercising more” and “getting more sleep,” as directives in you life (all of which are good, but are not clear or anywhere close to a complete understanding of lifestyle) that get some play here and there.

Instead; we want you to learn how to unleash the full potential of your lifestyle to live in balance, with vibrant health and peace of my while achieving even your most ambitious goals.

When you begin to see life with this inspiring objective in mind (notice how we don’t call this a goal), you start to take your whole lifestyle, including all aspects of how you function as a human being with goals and aspirations to a new level; actually a whole new tier, where your approach to life is fluid, not fragmented.

So what’s that compelling realization I promised?

It’s this. Life itself is based on the fundamentals of successful living, and if you are a driven, goal and success oriented person, this is especially important; else, you’ll be experiencing persistent fatigue, burnout, weight, health and performance issues just like I was at some point.

For examples of just a few of these essentials, sleeping, eating and moving come to mind; the traditional three most people think of when talking about lifestyle.

These are not optional aspects of living, this is what it means to live. It’s just a matter of how well you will function in each of these aspects of living. Everyone sleeps, eats healthy to some degree and moves to some degree. If you didn’t you’de die. But too many of us are not doing any of these at a high enough level to keep us functioning and performing well in life for the short or long haul.

When we start to see our lifestyles for what they are and gain mastery in those and other essential aspects of living, we stop living one way, only to resort to another to solve the negative consequences of a previous usual lifestyle.

We start living balanced and healthy successfully all the time.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be addressing this and other key realizations as we help you live better and give rise to a new lifestyle that serves you, and what you’re up to in the world so much better than you ever imagined.

Coming soon, we’re going to give you the ability to ask your most important questions with our new Q&A technology platform and regular teleconference calls that will enable you to begin improving your lifestyle with different themes every month.

This will also give you the opportunity to join the PL community in a more engaged way and travel your path with a lot of help from your friends.

Great things coming!

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