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Healthy Living Is Not Enough to Help You Achieve Your Ambitions Goals

By John Allen Mollenhauer | Sep 16, 2021

Traditional healthy living is not enough to help you achieve your ambitious goals with your wellbeing intact, especially in the second half of your work life. Are you currently spending (potentially wasting) time, energy, and money, on endless personal development … What does it mean to live your life like a pro?

What does it mean to live your life “like a pro?”

By John Allen Mollenhauer | Sep 9, 2021

Helping you live your life “like a pro,” is part of our marketing here at We help people to optimize the way they live so they can achieve even their most ambitious goals while living in balance with vibrant health … 3 Proactive recovery hacks

Proactive Recovery The 3 Hacks Every Busy Person Needs to Know and Act on ASAP.

By John Allen Mollenhauer | Sep 9, 2021

There are 3 proactive recovery hacks every busy person needs to know and act on asap. What is a hack? It’s a small, incremental lifestyle change to improve your energy, health, performance, and wellbeing. We are now accustomed to being “on” …

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