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“Hero’s Journey”

The Evolution of my journey to a Performance Lifestyle

I know what it feels like to struggle with an ambition that outpaces your capacity to keep up. From early on, I was a high achiever, and I suffered from a low-grade, intensifying fatigue that clouded my life, even when things were going well.

I was crushing it but was also getting crushed by excessive stress and a tiredness that compounded over time. Essential areas of my life seemed to be on permanent hold as my own needs weren’t getting met. And that mounting burnout, took its toll on my life experience and relationships, my health, performance, and well-being.
On the outside, I kept the game face on, but on the inside things were not as they seemed, and I needed to do something about it. I grew to know the answer was not one thing, but rather a new lifestyle approach to how I achieved my goals and the quality of success I wanted.
Today, as a entrepreneur and a family man, I’m the founder of Regenus Centers™ by Performance Lifestyle® Inc, a company I founded with my wife and partner Mariahna to help people recover from the excess stress-pain and fatigue of the past and renew their personal power for the future.

As well, to coach driven entrepreneurs, business professionals and executives, many of whom are also working parents, on how you achieve even your most ambitious goals amidst the relentless demands we all face on our time and energy, without burning out or trading your health for success.

Over 20 years, on the path of optimizing my lifestyle for energy, health and performance and with the help of a world-class team; I defined what it means and what it takes to live a high-performance lifestyle.

It’s no easy feat, it’s not something you accomplish in 30 days, and I am no superhero still on the path myself, but it is now simplified, and you too can do it.

Here at my professional site, you can learn more about how to live the high performance lifestyle successfully, engage in my year-round training PL365 and if you would like the most direct path to turn theory into practice and mastery I coach a select number of people each year.

I look forward to hearing from you on one of our monthly training calls or working with you live online or by phone; and one day soon, meeting you in person at my center or an event.

Remember, life is short, so live your life, like a pro!


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John Allen Mollenhauer

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