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Your Source of Renewable Personal Power

All of us at Performance Lifestyle hold one thing to be absolutely true—there is an inexhaustible source of energy that can renew your personal power over and over again. It gives us the power to create a truly extraordinary life largely of our choosing.

It’s at the foundation of who we really are, it’s actually easy to say that it is what we are, before thought pure intelligent energy. It’s giving rise to you, and all that you do and create right now and always.

Athletes, especially extreme athletes who depend on living “in the zone” or “in flow” have tapped into this source because they can’t afford to have paralysis by analysis at critical moments where indecision is a matter of life and death.

This access to an unlimited energy source, might sound ethereal to you right now, but it’s not in reality.

This is the secret to motivation and it is hidden in plain sight, well “insight,” because you can’t see or touch this energy, you can only renew it, balance your use of it, manage it, optimize your use of it, and focus it.

You are it.

It’s why in a performance lifestyle you need and want to get reconnected to your source of renewable personal power.

Technically, you never got divorced from it, but separated, most likely.

Today, people rely on coffee, extreme work ethic, drama, energy drinks, exercise, constant foods consumption (even healthy food) and more to stimulate this energy, but in the process, and it’s wearing their bodies our prematurely.

It’s why they are either feeling tired all the time, constantly fatigued if they are not moving, or simply without the natural surges of energy they’ve relied on earlier in life for those breakthrough periods of life as they live at in a chronically low grade fatigue state.

It’s why depression has risen to epic levels in the past 25 years.

For some reason, a reason we can’t quite put our finger on, we seem to have lost that spark, that vitality, that personal power to create and live the life we want. Instead we are prone to getting stuck in a gear we can’t get out of, especially when we’re tired and fatigued.

The energy surges we naturally relied on seem fewer and much farther apart as we can tend to feel like the lifeblood is being sucked right out of us in our relentlessly busy life.

And it is. If you are living on this planet in 2016 as a goal or success driven individual with a family, a career or business you run, and any aspirations to go beyond that in a recreational pursuit such as athletics or the arts or sciences— you run the risk of extreme tiredness, fatigue and premature burnout.

With technology where it’s at, driving the way it is; personal energy it’s renewal and management is the primary requirement to live the extraordinary life we all have the ability to live today with quality is life, and not debit our longevity due to burnout.

This is why in a Performance Lifestyle that is both strategically balanced and healthy, by virtue of the fact that those of us living for performance become aware of and employ more lifestyle skills than the average person trying to live a “healthy” lifestyle ever does; we put especially high emphasis on renewing our personal energy so we can maintain the personal power to create that we love so much and never want to lose for long.

I can tell you that I do not enjoy life nearly as much when I feel constantly tired. I don’t mind being tired, or getting tired. But when it becomes constant, life can really sucks.

So in our upcoming course. PERC we are going to teach you the mechanics of personal energy renewal.

It’s not about relying on sleep alone anymore. That used to be enough along with even relatively sound nutrition and fitness; all are important but today we are aware of how to actually renew manage our energy proactively and it includes, but is by far not limited too, sleep, nutrition and fitness. Today the gaps have been filled and the context of a healthy, performance lifestyle has come clear.

Today we need this edge, because living outside our optimal energy range, we are all subject to consequences that are affecting us personally and many of us are attributing these effects to ourselves; we’re taking it personally as if something was wrong with us that we can’t keep going non stop 18 hours per day.

Many challenges arise in our lives when we simply don’t have the personal power we once had to create anew and worse, when we can’t seem to get our energy back for one reason or another and it leaves you unmotivated. The secret to motivation is hidden in plain experience.

In PERC you can. In 60 days or less, we’re going to help you do just that.

In Performance Lifestyle training you deep dive into the lifestyle skills that ensure you live from the position of strength, but in PERC you will learn now to regain that strength.

We’re going to take you on a direct path that will get you out of the personal energy debt that is undermining your attempts to get and stay healthy, function and perform at the levels needed to achieve the higher levels of success you aspire to in whatever array of roles you play in life, from soccer mom to CEO.

It all starts with tapping the access you have always had to unlimited energy but weren’t really aware of to take advantage of proactively. You’ll learn how to renew, balance, manage, optimize and focus this access to energy too, which is soon-to-be “personal energy.”

Join us for a free webinar How To Actually Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time And Get Your Energy Back In 60 days or Less.

Live like a pro.




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