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Make the Ultimate Resolution

The world is abuzz in the month of January about the correct way to set New Year’s Resolutions and achieve our goals in 2016.

Reading articles, attending a webinar or participating in a program on how to best achieve your goals throughout the year is a great idea because it’s the fine-tuned distinctions in how we see and approach things that can make all the difference in the world. There is so much good information and opportunity available. It can save you time, money, and your quality of life. It’s also relevant to achieving your goals in life, business, a sport or creative endeavor.

Two people I know who do great goals training for your best or greatest year ever are Michael Hyatt and Brian Johnson. Check’ em out. We often refer to Brian Johnson in many capacities because he does such a brilliant job of publishing Philosophers Notes on some of the best books on optimal living available.

As a transformational, performance education and training company; in this first post on the new PerformanceLifestyle blog and podcast feed we’re talking about just that; achieving our goals in the year ahead. After all, that’s what we naturally wake up to do every day as parents, driven business professionals, managers in high growth organizations and as entrepreneurs who are at the early stage of growing our businesses. We all want to learn how to maximize our potential and the potential of those whom we work and live with to build a strong foundation right from the get-go. The question is more about how we do that?

Resolutions could not be a better place to start our conversation and learning.

The word resolution is on everyone’s mind, and, as we enter into the new year with promise and motivation to make this year different, better and more fulfilling than ever before (or at least better than the year past); this post and podcast are about understanding what it means to make a resolution and then making the ultimate resolution; the one that every other resolutions truly depends on.

If you want to experience the most amazing follow through in your life, then you will love the rest of this post.

Is there such a thing as the ultimate resolution?

Yes, and it points to our tagline here at—For Who You Really Are.

But first, what does it mean to set an resolution?

If you look up the dictionary definition of the word resolution, it will say…

  1. It’s a firm decision to do or not to do something.
  2. It’s the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.
  3. It’s setting a new goal..

Basically, a resolution means you are “resolving” some past issue you don’t want in play any more; you are “resolving” a need or want by implementing something new that hasn’t been there before, or you are “resolving” a desire or goal you want to achieve by manifesting or realizing it through action etc. Resolutions are all acts of change, and we can therefore write about resolutions in countless ways, but the bottom line is that a resolution is about resolving anything that’s distracting or holding you back, preventing you from or about being present, and or emerging and calling you forward to the future.

A resolution is a core driver for action and it’s ultimately inspired by wanting a better quality of life, to raise conscious and create culture.

In a Performance Lifestyle we are all about consciouness and culture, and focus on all aspects of healthy, performance living so we can thrive in the performance culture we live in today, avoid the overwhelm and exhaustion that befalls so many of us, and the premature downward spiral that can follow suit even if we’re financially successful. So resolutions, New Year’s or not, for us, point to the first part of the core mantra you will hear over and over again here, in the Performance Lifestyle community—Resolve. Evolve. Achieve.

This is the “wash, rinse and repeat” for healthy, performance living. It’s the one process that is always going on day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year… and so on.


Setting a New Year’s resolution, or a resolution at any time of the year, means you are resolving things in your life. And when you do that, once you’ve made a resolute decision to make a change in your life, of one kind or another, you open the door to the so-called “steps” that follow—the evolution of the new mindset and skills set that will enable you to accomplish or achieve it. This brings us back to our tagline “For Who You Really Are” and why this is the one resolution that all others depend on.

Note: For Who You Really Are will forever mean more and more to you as you continue on with the idea of optimizing your lifestyle for better results; but for now, let’s just say that it’s important to resolve:

Who is making the resolution?

You or your brain? Are you making a resolution wholeheartedly (so to speak), from the big authentic Self or in a half-hearted way as just an ill-considered mental routine as you start the year identified as your small self?

We need both the clarity of intention that the big Self (god, universe) sources, who we really are, and the considered thinking that directs that intentional energy to follow though that our small self (brain, mind) is designed for. One without the other is ill-fated and short-lived.

The statistics around keeping resolutions are dismal to say the least and it’s because too many of us are identified with our brain, it’s psychology and all the stories we have about our past, present and future that may be distracting and holding us back and for some driving us a little bit crazy. (Your know what I’m talking about!).

Making the resolution that all other resolutions depend on, knowing who you really are, then takes on a whole new significance. How would you feel if you knew you were going to follow through on all the resolutions you set, assuming they were realistically achievable and still made sense, without all of the resistance so many of us experience the minute we get tired, and or get overwhelmed by fear, doubt and indecision?

You would feel great, that’s what; and that’s why this first post couldn’t be focused on anything more important. If you make a resolution, make it from the very best part of yourself, free of all the resistance that will get in your way. When you do you’re most likely going to follow through and increase your level of success and fulfillment.

As we learn how to optimize our lifestyles for better results with the mindset and skillsets all healthy, high achieving people know and live by, particularly athletes—a group of people to learn from, even if you’re not into sports or even a fitness enthusiast—the ultimate resolution is knowing who you really are, why you are here, and your purpose and then living from this, the very best part of yourself.

This is the foundation of a successful mindset and the ability to perform well and healthy, at high levels in the world, as a mom, dad, professional…

This awareness will enable you to approach your resolutions with clear intention and follow through without all the resistance most people experience identified with the same thoughts they had last year, at risk of the same “story” replaying itself. Once you resolve to know who you really are, from this higher Self, you can change the stories (the thinking) and direct your energy the way you want; not in how the past dictates.

Get good at that and one of the best benefits of all, also comes to fruition; you’ll now be able to manage your energy and stop feeling so tired all the time. How would that feel in the year ahead? Powerful.

Discovering who you really are is the ultimate resolution. It is also the greatest and most important lifestyle change you’ll ever make or even could make. It will change everything for the better forever and we look forward to you having this breakthrough. This underlies every aspect of lifestyle we get into in a Performance Lifestyle training. This will ultimately change the story.

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