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If you are a member of REGENUS CENTER, and you want to get on a weekly coaching plan when you come in during your recovery session or by phone; we are offering low-cost, high-impact coaching with the founder, Lifestyle Coach JAM, who can help you ==>

At REGENUS CENTER we are 100% committed to helping you unlock your bodies resilience, through:

1. Bioenergetics,
2. Proactive Recovery, 
3. Your Lifestyle. 

If you want to live a vital life, all three are essential for optimal results. 

  1. Understand how to best utilize REGENUS CENTER technologies for your best results based on your individual needs.

  2. Devise a strategy for reducing your energy debt, so that sleep, rest, and recovery can deliver at the level you want.

  3. Receive a bioenergetic scan with a review (only included in the $200.00 package) to measure improvement.

  4. Assess your lifestyle, for where you need to focus to be able to manage your energy better.

  5. Dramatically improve your nutrition and fitness, for better health…

    * No refunds or partial refunds due to low cost and pre-set time commitment. 
    * 30-day written “I’m finished for now” notice must be emailed prior to your billing for the coming month, which will happen automatically. Contact Lifestyle Coach JAM. 

Special Pricing for Regenus Center Members Only


Identify and resolve your biggest block that is keeping you stuck in 1 area of life.
$ 50 Monthly
  • Two 25-minute coaching sessions each month on site or by phone


Identify and resolve your biggest 3 blocks that are keeping you stuck in 1 area of life.
$ 100 Monthly
  • Four, 25-minute coaching session per month on site or by phone


Identity & resolve all blocks in 1 area of your life where you are stuck
$ 200 Monthly
  • Four 35-minute coaching sessions on site or by phone with email access and a Bioenergetic Scan Monthly
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Lifestyle Coach JAM, founder of REGENUS CENTER, is a leading expert on energy, how to manage it, healthy living and human performance.

To schedule your next appointment at REGENUS CENTER to Unlock Your Body’s Resilience, click here, or on the icon below.


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