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Post covid-19 period, do this to ensure you thrive

Post Covid-19 Do This for 8 Weeks to Ensure You Thrive

The Post Covid-19 period is beginning as the pandemic is ending. Enter a roughly 8-12 week period that will ensure you thrive.

Vaccinations are taking place at a rapid pace. The market is making its comeback. Things are opening, and confidence increases for what is likely a return to the speed of life and business we once knew.

But for many entrepreneurs—coaches, consultants, and service professionals, startup entrepreneurs and small business owners, and those in growth companies—returning to the usual previous pace of life may be a little daunting as you consider how to thrive post-covid-19.

It’s not like anyone’s been sitting around the past year, but the structure of life with working from home and pace of life as things slowed down and, in some cases, shut down, most certainly did change, and we’ve all had a taste of a different life.

For many, these were welcomed changes.

The slowdown was actually a benefit for many people after years of going all out. For others, it was also painful as heck, as they experienced disruption, needed to pivot and transition, and still, for some, it was simply a boon and busier than ever.

It was the gamut, but one thing is for sure; in return to the new normal we live in, especially in a market that will now speed up, with all kinds of new responsibilities, you need to manage your energy like a pro.

To help us all with that, I introduced the big idea of “Setting Yourself up for Success” in a recent mini guide published here. I talked about the five lifestyle strategies healthy, high-achieving people know and live by to fulfill their ambitious goals and thrive.

Setting yourself up for success means altering the conditions of one’s situation, so a particular outcome is all but guaranteed, and for people who thrive, this is their keystone skill.

So, what is that post covid-19 outcome we want all but guaranteed?

I’ve been referring to it over the past several months as a “Breakthrough Year ” partly because we were entering the new year. But I always think out 12 months ahead because it converts every day into a chance to change and enhance the year’s trajectory; so effectively, every day is “New Year’s Day.”

But a “breakthrough” year starts in the here and now, in the present moment, in the minutes, hours, days, and weeks ahead, and requires us to overcome something. The very definition of a breakthrough is overcoming something so a new level of achievement can follow. And for most of us, that is the order of the day.

What is it that you/we need to overcome?

No matter where you stand right now, for everyone, it’s inertia.

Inertia is the property of matter where it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion unless a force (usually external) changes that state.

That said, what I’m suggesting that “force” is, that will free you of your current inertia is only in part from the external and in large part internal. At least that’s the way you experience it.

It’s proactively sourcing, enhancing the production of, and harnessing more personal energy.

8 Weeks to Ensure You Thrive Post Pandemic

When you do these three things well, you begin to “Manage Your Energy,” so you can overcome any challenge that’s keeping you where you are.

It takes energy, lots of it, and needs to be managed if you are going to break free of inertia.

In Set Yourself Up for Success, you discovered the five lifestyle strategies, also known as “The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance,” and one of those core essentials is Developing a Performance Lifestyle.

You need to take these 5 Core Essentials from theory, to practice to mastery, post-covid-19, besides the fact that all balanced and healthy, high-achieving people have performance lifestyles. They have the energy, health, and performance capacity and capabilities they need to achieve even their most ambitious goals because they live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind.

And what’s the crux (the vital point at issue) in a Performance Lifestyle? It’s managing your energy.

Healthy high achievers do more than workouts and leat right; they align all aspects of the way they live for the energy, health, and performance they need to achieve their goals and quality of life.

They not only manage their energy, but they also manage it “like a pro.” They have mastery around human energy and the lifestyle that optimizes their life.

And that is the mindset you need to have a breakthrough.

In the post-covid-19 period, it’s not the usual approach that so many of us take; wake up and go straight to tasks, directly into the process of endless to-do’s around all that we want to achieve, with more personal, professional, and business development top of it all.

That’s all good, but it’s not what will create a genuine breakthrough. What I’m talking about precedes all of that.

It starts (and I mean “starts”) with leveraging the momentum created by regularly and systematically priming our AM routine, daily approach, and PM wind-down routine to function and perform at our best during peak periods of the week.

Of course, every aspect of what I’m talking about is optimally “healthy” too,” so no need to worry about whether you’re living healthy.

That’s the given.

Every aspect of a performance lifestyle is fundamental to successful living and this is the best of all times to dial them in.

My question is, what are your breakthrough goals? And how do you need to “live” to achieve them?

When you then change, improve, and optimize your lifestyle for that performance, you start living your full potential. As a result, you’ll have breakthrough after breakthrough, and ultimately, you can achieve your full potential.

So, as our world is making its “comeback,” which Chamber member Carl Gould talks about in his fantastic book, The Anatomy of Comeback, I am saying, now is the time to start managing your energy, like a pro.

Instead of going back to the lifestyle that was your previous usual before the Pandemic, where you worked endless days with a bit of healthy living wedged in, now start living the way balanced and healthy high achieving people live.

That is, by learning how to manage your energy. Doing so “like a pro” leads to developing a performance lifestyle. And if you set yourself up for success, entirely, a “high” performance lifestyle [HPL].

In the fitness and wellness industry, learning how to live a high-performance lifestyle is new. Still, HPL it’s so much bigger than the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Being in good health is not the goal; it’s the byproduct of living a lifestyle that is inherently energy, health, and performance-promoting so that you can focus intently on your actual goals, and that is the breakthrough.

There are 7 Breakthrough Energy Discoveries that have emerged over the last 20 years. When you take them from theory to practice to mastery, they will serve as the rudder to a whole new way of life with surges of energy to power your way to breakthrough after breakthrough.

Your health and productivity suffer most when you get tired, exhausted, and feel like you’re burning out. In the next eight weeks, let’s make that a thing of the past.

Post Covid-19 Do This for 8 Weeks to Ensure You Thrive

  1. I want to teach every subscriber, customer, and client, and every entrepreneur, who is not yet in our orbit, how how to manage their energy as the pros do, and if you are bold and ready to learn how you can start here.

    In 8 weeks, you will be ready to thrive. Starting in April, I run my second course of the year and people like you will tell you, it will change the trajectory of your year!

  2. If you want to learn even more before you get started, download Set Yourself up for Success, and I’ll invite you to my next webinar.
  1. And if you want to set up a strategy session with me, “JAM” at Performance Lifestyle®​ Coach.

JAM (John Allen Mollenhauer) is a leading Lifestyle Coach and authority on living a High–Performance Lifestyle® with an online training academy and community that teaches people how to manage their energy like the pros. He helps you get free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold you back from living your full potential as you optimize the way you live for the energy, health, and high-performance you need to flourish. Performance Lifestyle Inc is in Florham Park, NJ, where he and his team run RegenUS Center. For a complimentary strategy session with JAM or a Member of the Lifestyle Coach team, click here.

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