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Move On From the Weight of the Past

Action Steps:

As with the last strategy, this too is no small strategy, and its sets the stage for the most significant lifestyle change you can make and will ever make.

1: Close your eyes, and but keep your eyes wide open. Look around in there, that called “the ground of being.” It’s the present moment as well as what most people would call meditation. That’s the 5-second training.

While your eyelids are shut and you’re eyes wide open, and you are paying attention, not to nothing, but no “thing” (thought, emotion, etc.), notice that all the weight of the past is gone instantly.

I am sharing this with you now because while meditation is not about stress relief, it relieves stress from thoughts, memories, beliefs, missed expectations, and unfulfilled dreams and emotions quickly as you disengage your brain.

You will learn a lot more about this to come. For now, don’t discount this step as a tactic because this action step points to the most remarkable and most important lifestyle change, you’ll ever make, and it will change your life for the better forever.

2: In my story, no different than yours; what’s in play is a “story” about your past that is driving you a little bit crazy (wink). Within the stories are embedded the thoughts, memories, beliefs, missed expectations, and associated emotions.

You are being affected by that story because you live life as “who” you think you are. And most people spend years distracted and held back by that “who” and because of all that past, and it doesn’t need to be that way.

From the ground of being (the place I took you to, in action step one), you can uncover, discover, acknowledge, recognize, and change the stories affecting you. You can learn more about how to do this in excerpts from a book I co-authored called The Curse of the Capable.” It will reveal to you the 5 step process for changing a story.

That’s enough for now; get ready for lifestyle strategy #3, which will prime you for living your life from the absolute best part of yourself or your “Self.”

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