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Lifestyle Strategy #3—Live from the Absolute Best Part of Yourself

So here are your action steps for this step.

1: Go back to the previous instructions go to the “ground of being.” Remember, close your eyelids, and keep your eyes wide open. Where you put your attention is called the ground of being. It’s the “Self” I keep mentioning.

Next, to the best of your ability, go through the next 10 minutes, then 20, them 30 and work your way up to an hour of being in this aware state (only now with your eyes open ;-), and avoid getting hooked by your stories and emotions and any resistance to things where you know you need to act.

That’s a big, groundbreaking step.

2: From this ground place, notice any usual previous thoughts that pop up, like “I’m not ready,” and attempt to change it using The 5-Step Change Your Story Process, which you can again discover:

Here, or learn more about here.

You can only change a story about who you think you are, from what you are, because that’s where your power comes.

When you take these steps, big things happen. It will set you up for the kind of success you want in a whole new world, as you’ve never seen before. From this place of being, you can also become the person you’ve always wanted to be.

I’ve written about this and directly, and I know there is more to it, but it is that simple. And when it becomes that for you (simple), you’ll be able to live at your full potential and manage your energy like a pro, free of the distractions that hold you back in a balanced and healthy high-performance lifestyle.

And learn about that is what’s next.

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