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Sleep Tracking is essential to function fully

If you can't really beat fatigue, Now what? Sleep Tracking, for Starters.

If you can’t really beat fatigue, what do you do? Well, you have to do a few things. Sleep tracking for starters; and the truth is, after running a Regenus Center for the past year (that’s where I work from), and asking countless people why they are here and then asking the simple question… hows your sleep; I’m as convinced as one might get that most of us have been falling short on sleep for many, many years.
Almost everyone says, “I sleep pretty good”, but then once their defenses are down, I get the real story and I find they are not sleep tracking, and actually sleeping (versus total time in bed) for 5-6.5 hours; a full 1.5 hours short of what’s optimal assuming normal energy spend each week. But I then find out they are working 60-80 hours under major stress and now we both understand why they are tired all the time and suffering from pain. Sleep tracking is not going to solve that alone.
But that’s not the half of it. It’s what happening in their waking hours that completely illuminates the full story because how you sleep is determined by how you live during your wakeful hours. So you need to track both sleep and fatigue during the wakeful hours, so you can manage your energy, like a pro.

Your body has properties like a battery, and until we realize that you can’t really beat fatigue, and need to focus on getting a better balance of energy spend and recharging (like a battery, only slightly more complicated); and, understand that we are not non-stop accomplishing and achieving machines that “should” be able to go nonstop from morning until night else something is wrong with you; people will suffer.

Sleep tracking and fatigue tracking can “help” solve this, but does not solve this on it’s own.

How do we know this?

Well, it’s not uncommon, actually pretty usual, to hear at our center people suffering from excess stress and fatigue, that they have unexplained pains and symptoms that they have shuttled from Dr. to Dr. sometimes for years, without ever realizing a diagnosis or a solution. And we assert that the reason is, they are overexerted, overspent, under too much stress and not producing the energy they need on top of their already exhausting schedule.

As a result, the body simply cannot do what it needs to do to regenerate through sleep and recovery… because it’s not getting enough sleep and recovery. And when that doesn’t happen you can be sure there is going to be at least some underlying struggle with fatigue and pain, maybe for the rest of your life until you make the essential lifestyle changes that give you the space and time for enough regeneration.

That’s why you track sleep and fatigue with predictive tools that can be more objective than most of us are; especially when you consider the stimulant delusion that we all fall prey to. You only experience energy when you are spending it, not when you are recuperating it.

That insight alone, unless you understand it, can leave you delusional about your own energy levels and wearing yourself out, when you might be thinking otherwise.

With Fatigue Sciences Readiband, we have one of the best tools for sleep tracking, of the quantity, quality, and consistency of our sleep, so we can benchmark our sleep and fatigue. More too come on this, but for now, let’s suffice it to say that if you are not getting enough sleep, then overspending your energy each day, and then responding to the stress and fatigue in ways that create more stress and fatigue, that is by definition a downwards spiral.

Even if you are up to great things you will prematurely wear yourself out and it doesn’t need to be that way.


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