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Human Performance is a Lifestyle

Human Performance is a Lifestyle

That’s right; your human performance is a lifestyle.

Human performance: A series of behaviors executed to accomplish specific results (performance = behavior + results).

Human performance is what we’re going to talk about in this high achiever insight.

A high achiever: a person who is hardworking, smart working, and successful at achieving the results they set out for.

Achieving the results you set out for, and doing so without burning out or trading your health for success, requires that your human performance be strong; meaning, you have the energy, health, and performance capacity to sustain the process and fulfill your purpose.

Big goals that are more than just SMART goals, and more like heroic quests, require your energy, health, and performance to be closer to optimal, not just passing. And the only way to optimize your energy, health, and performance is to have a performance lifestyle [PL] or a high-performance lifestyle [HPL].

The difference between HPL/PL is that in a high-performance lifestyle, you are now grounded in what you are, free of the past, and living from the very best part of yourself with complete alignment in your life. Longer chat.

But the idea you want first to understand is that your lifestyle determines your human performance; they are not divorced or separate from one another. And certainly not how most people look at it, meaning your successful “lifestyle” is the result of your performance. That’s more a materialistic definition of lifestyle (what you own, or can afford, etc.)

Your lifestyle determines your human performance; they are the same thing.

So, what is your lifestyle?

According to Wikipedia: Lifestyle is the interests, opinions, behaviors, and behavioral orientations of an individual, group, or culture. … The broader sense of lifestyle as a “way or style of living” has been documented since 1961. Lifestyle is a combination of determining intangible or tangible factors.

In a Performance Lifestyle, it’s the degree to which you live aligned with the essential principles and practices that support lifeyour energy, health, and capacity to function and perform, accomplish and achieve in the world.

What are the essential human performance principles of lifestyle that you can practice at a higher level in your life? That’s what you’re about to learn. You are already practicing them, but you don’t know it, to some degree, else they wouldn’t be fundamental to successful living. It’s just that you are NOT:

  1. Aware of what they are.
  2. Living them at a high enough level to get the desired results.
  3. Proficient in their practice.
  4. Connecting the dots between them to have your lifestyle working better, for you and the achievement of your goals.

So what enables you to close the gap between how you are capable of living and how you’re actually living?

Well, that’s what you learn in Performance Lifestyle Academy; but for now, let’s say that it starts with understanding what energy is and how to manage your energy like a pro, with all the key supports you need to succeed with quality of life in the process, in play.

When you know how to manage your energy, and you have those lifestyle supports in place, your human performance will get better, and better, and better!

JAM (John Allen Mollenhauer) is a leading Lifestyle Coach and authority on living a High–Performance Lifestyle® with an online training academy and community that teaches people how to manage their energy like the pros. He helps you get free of the hidden lifestyle challenges that distract and hold you back from living your full potential as you optimize the way you live for the energy, health, and high-performance you need to flourish. Performance Lifestyle Inc is in Florham Park, NJ, where he and his team run RegenUS Center. For a complimentary strategy session with JAM or a Member of the Lifestyle Coach team, click here.

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