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Hey, You: Overwhelmed, Overworked, and Emotionally Drained High Achievers — Discover What Only 1% of the Population Knows About Energy and Achieving Even Their Most Ambitious Goals, Without Constant Tiredness, Stress-pain and Fatigue or worse, Burnout. How Are You Achieving Your Goals?

ATTN: Driven Dan & Achiever Amy. You Are About To Discover What Only 1% of the Population Knows About How to Recapture the Zest and Zeal You Used to Feel for Awe-Inspiring Results.



Stage 1 When you are in the potentialite stage, you need to establish a lifestyle to support achieving goals you are still clarifying, and it takes a lot of energy.



Stage 2
You need a manageable work/life situation at the grinder stage. You are always working and striving, accomplishing a lot, but you need to make significant changes to achieve your goals without tiring and burning out.

High Achiever Underperformer

Overachieving Underperformer Phase

You've lost focus and are overcommitted, overwhelmed, and fatigued. You have too many goals, are not achieving them at the level you want, and need the lifestyle mindset and skillset to support your energy, health, and performance.


High Achiever

Stage 3
You are relatively healthy, and you know how to achieve your goals with key supports to sustain your success. However, you're ambivalent about the crucial aspects of your lifestyle that enable you to stay healthy at optimal performance levels and risk descending into earlier stages and phases. You still need to develop a performance lifestyle.

Healthy High Achiever

Healthy High-Achiever, Who Thrives

Stage 4
You are flourishing. You have a whole lifestyle that supports you and what you are up to in the world. You know what to do and why, how to do it, and when at the right level, intensity, and consistency to achieve desired results. You own your alignment, manage your energy like a pro, and are living a Performance Lifestyle®.

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Take Your Lifestyle From Common to Uncommon. Ordinary to Extraordinary

Welcome to Lifestyle Coach JAM

“A calm mind, a fit body, and a house full of love. These things cannot be bought — they must be earned.” – Naval Ravikant.

If you are tired of endless striving, overachieving but underperforming, or achieving your goals but trading your health for success, you are in the right place.

Take the five courses that will change your life for the better forever.

Combining elements of energy management, spiritual breakthrough and awakening, mindfulness, and health promotion, combined with God-inspired dreams and goals for your life, a high-performance lifestyle (HPL) can take hold in your life.

The goal is simple, albeit idealistic: to optimize performance.

Healthy is central to this objective but extends beyond diet and exercise. Here, sleep and recovery are essential. Mindfulness is an unlock. And self-mastery is the primary pursuit, where excellence is the endgame regardless of the domain.

The overarching aim is enhancing one’s ability to maintain “flow” and achieve.

The desire to increase longevity plays a role. But, depending on the individual, life extension can be the basis for or a by-product of the HPL. 

By fine-tuning energy levels, calming the mind, and honing your health and performance, your brain and body will be primed for optimal performance in physical endeavors, creative projects, business ventures, and personal relationships — you name it.

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You are not alone!
Many entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals are suffering from depleted energy because of relentless demand on their time, and any number of distractions that are holding them back.

A New Approach is on the Way With Lifestyle Coach JAM

 At the core of our training and coaching, we understand that your lifestyle is how you achieve your goals. It’s not necessarily how to, but HOW YOU, and that is the call for you to change, improve and optimize your lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Coach - JAM

The Strivers, Overachievers and High Achievers Paradox

Today, we have access to more information and opportunity with the promise of achieving our goals with results faster and at a higher level than ever before. 

But we face a dilemma; the busier we get, and the more we focus on the results, the less time we have to take care of ourselves, our bodies, and our lives in our approach to success. 

And that leads to constant tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, and for most, it’s chronic, leading to lifestyle-induced diseases. 

Here at Lifestyle Coach JAM my team and I will help you become a healthy high achiever who thrives. “The New Type A“—someone who knows how to achieve even their most ambitious goals without burning out or trading their health for success.

Let Me Help You Start Living in Balance, So You Can Achieve Even Your Most Ambitious Goals, with Vibrant Health and Peace of Mind. 

Everybody wants more balance, but “work/life balance” is either woefully incomplete, too static, or so unrealistic that “Type A.s'” simply roll their eyes back and default to a story that keeps them going. 

We need a new approach, and that is to “live in balance” free from accumulated energy debt if we want to achieve our ambitious goals with vibrant health and peace of mind. 

That means learning how healthy, high-achieving people thrive by managing their energy and more, so we know what to do and why, how to do it and when, at the right level, intensity, and consistency, to achieve the result we want with our wellbeing intact. 

As a Performance Lifestyle® Coach (one of the few in the world) I will help you "unlock" your true potential by guiding you on how to...

Manage Your Energy Like a Pro—The 7 Breakthrough Energy Discoveries©

Be Free to Live—The best version of you, dropping the weight of the past and the anxiety of the future.

Live Healthy, Successfully—So there is no more struggle, confusion, or long periods of coping in ways that sell your longevity short.

Make Success Routine—by developing a Performance Lifestyle® that bridges the gap between your health and success.

Align Your Life— structure, style and goals for a High-Performance Lifestyle.

Time is valuable, and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Act today. Start where you are, transform and develop your lifestyle to become a healthy, high-achieving person who thrives.  

What Makes Upgrading to a Healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle® the Best Way to Achieve Your Ambitious Goals?

How you eat and exercise are not whole lifestyles, they are nutrition and fitness styles that get built-in to your lifestyle…

Your lifestyle is how you achieve your goals in life— your family, career, business, sport, creative or ministry pursuits.

99% of us have never consciously established the principles, practices, and strategies we know and live by.

Knowing what energy is, and how to source, produce and harness more of it, will improve how well you eat and move, think… 

Living an Energy/Spirit- Driven Life will change your high achiever mindset to healthy, High- Performance 

A healthy high-Performance Lifestyle is your lifestyle at a whole new tier of living and can call it your own. 

Unlock Your True Potential, and You'll Recapture the Zest and Zeal You Used to Feel.

Your True Potential is only limited by how you live and whether you’ve got The 5 Core Essentials of Human Performance© working for you, or not.

It’s time, to stop responding to stress in ways that create more stress and not more energy  and lean into the new lifestyle approach that’s changing the quality of life for ambitious people around the world.

It’s time, to start living a healthy, High-Performance Lifestyle®.  


Become a Healthy High Achiever ®
Recover Energy Debt, and Unlock Your True Potential to Start Living a Vital Life.

Plus: Get Lifestyle Coach INSIGHTS Every Week to Optimize Your Lifestyle.

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Meet Our Founder and Head Coach


John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” is the co-author of the popular book, The Curse of the Capable, with Harvard Psychology Instructor Arthur Ciaramicoli, Ph.D., and Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms. He is also the founder and head trainer/coach of Performance Lifestyle, Inc that focuses on helping achievers live a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle.


Mariahna is a co-founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc and the head of communications and client support. She runs the companies premier performance recovery and wellness center—RegenUs Center. She has a Master’s in Business and is an adept science researcher who helps JAM develop PL training courses.


Dr. Sachs is a licensed child psychologist, specializing in the treatment of ADD/ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders in children, teens, and adults. He is also the founder of the Sachs Center in NYC. He is an investor and a professional member of our advisory team.

The PATH to Optimizing Your Lifestyle Can Start Today.

Start Where You Are.


Follow the steps outlined in any training or coaching session, or program, and show evidence of having done so, and if you aren’t measurably better after taking those steps, we’ll refund your cost.

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