The Healthy High Achiever

The Healthy High Achiever is a term, a profile of a person you will hear about allot about. Who is this person and what makes them so unique?

First, a story…

Sara serves as vice-president of a large medical facility, a position filled with high pressure and stress. However, Sara has just spent a year in PerformanceLifestyle® training and is working with a coach to develop her lifestyle. It took several weeks to simply slow down, assess where she was, and acknowledge that her overly driven lifestyle – as it once was – was killing her. Additionally, it was killing her dreams, killing her family relationships, and killing her very sense of wellbeing.

Learning how to rest and recuperate (and increase her energy levels naturally) was Sara’s first major change. Her next step was learning how to eat nutrient-rich foods for optimal nutrition and learning how to develop a lifestyle approach to fitness. Upon applying the skills that enabled her to maintain those changes, the rest of the lifestyle (ultimately in her words) she said she “restored her life.

No longer is Sara continually overwhelmed or exhausted. When those feelings come, she knows they are temporary, because she has learned exactly how to move forward in a position of strength

She restructured her life and added support and has worked on all aspects of her lifestyle so that she can achieve her now clearer goals in a more balanced and healthy way. She has learned how to incorporate the essence of the natural cycles mentioned earlier in the eBook, Driven and Drained. For many months now, she can honestly say that she has avoided hitting the wall. Previously it was a daily event (sometimes several times a day). Now when great amounts of energy have been expended, Sara knows exactly how to replenish that vital energy store.

No longer misinterpreting fatigue and falling for the stimulant delusion (thinking you are gaining energy when you are really just getting more exhausted, she can now focus on her goals without the worry that she will run out of energy and maintainers her lifestyle to support that process.

She finds she is more engaged when at work, and more disengaged from her workload when she’s home with family. Additionally, her sleep at night is much more deep and restful.
Sara’s goals are more achievable. She knows what a goal is and what it is not, and that’s made a huge difference. And her ever improving lifestyle has purpose.
Time with family has become more precious to her, and she would never ever give up her valuable recuperation times (which she designed for herself and is even incorporating a pastime in her regeneration strategy that she loves – oil painting –). By Sara’s own admission she feels better than she has in years. Her thinking is clearer, and she is achieving more than she ever thought possible.

One of the main things Sara is still challenged with is coming to terms with all the bad habits she has accumulated as a result of marketing, fatigue, and lack of understanding, so she has had to become more aware of her present situation and circumstances and use the symptoms and excuses that pop up as doorways into the lifestyle solutions she has learned and continues to learn. This par for the course for anyone.

She has performance lifestyle training in her life ongoing and doesn’t see it like a program she is on only to achieve a short terms objective like losing weight, or becoming more tone; she sees her lifestyle as something as a way of life she got into, to support not only those outcomes but in staying energetic, health and high performing when it matters most so she can realize her dreams.

Does she have some challenges from time to time? Yes, she’s human and human beings can get stuck… She doesn’t demonize it or say all is lost take it personally, make it permanent or pervasive in her life. What happened is what happened and she moves forward—resolving her challenges, evolving with an ever-improving mindset and lifestyle skillset for achieving her goals and other aspects of her wellbeing.

Most importantly, she’s living as who she really is, and this has reduced the obstacles in her life in a profound way. More on that later.

How did she start? 

She just got started in Performance Lifestyle’s core PL365 training for life. It’s the training that goes on month in and month out all year round here at Performance Lifestyle Inc. No one is beyond the practice of The 12 Essential Lifestyle Skills You Need to Know to Live Your Life Like a Pro. You just keep getting better and better and better.

Those days of living indiscriminately with no lifestyle strategy, sleeping whenever, eating whatever and exercising if ever, are behind her.

She is no longer to-doing herself to death as an achiever, over-committing and underperforming with too many goals, or attempting to live as a high performer all the time. She is now a healthy higher achieving person, with a performance lifestyle she can call her own.

If you haven’t 1) read Driven and Drained, become a Performance Lifestyle subscriber to receive your free ebook. In that book, you’ll learn about making a regeneration transformation that will put your life on a whole new trajectory. Too often we say knew to a new path in life simply because we’re too overwhelmed and tired at the time it presents itself. And then, 2) you’ll receive the 5-video introductory training series introducing you to living a performance lifestyle you can call your own.

Watch that series (a total of 16 minutes) before you start Performance Lifestyle training, which by the way starts the minute you subscribe. Then you can 3) join us in PL365.

That 3 step process will change your life for the better, forever.



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