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Manage Your Energy Not Just Your Time

There’s been a popular mantra surfacing in the past 10 years or so: “Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time.” It’s a major step in the right direction and it lifted the lid on the need to focus on personal energy management, but it’s flawed. One doesn’t manage their energy or their time, they manage both.

Too many business entrepreneurs and professionals try to go non-stop. It’s what happens when you’re focused on “managing your time” only but overlooking the need to manage your energy. One without the other ensures that it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be suffering from the personal energy debt and that leads to burnout and hitting the wall.

Make no mistake, you’ve got to manage your energy, not “just” your time.

Now, is sleep alone the answer to getting out of personal energy debt? No, but it’s a good start.

Managing your energy factored into how you manage your time, is no longer just about sleep. Sleep is part of recuperation strategy to manage your energy in a way that is time sensitive and proactive; not reactive or limited to sleep alone; the way it is for most of us.

Peak performers know how to do more than just sleep; they balance their energy expenditure with recuperation with a high level of effectiveness employing a core Performance Lifestyle management strategy called REM© – The Regeneration Energy Method. And they reap the benefits in their lives every day.

They master REM for personal energy management– and power their work and life as a whole with optimal energy flow– enjoying the intellectual edge, well being, confidence, and emotional resilience that only a person living in energy balance can experience.

Almost all of the rest of us live our lives at a significant disadvantage — paying heavy interest on our growing debt in lost health, productivity, quality of life, and personal performance!

We’re disappointed that we’re not “motivated enough” to do the things we need to do in order to achieve or sustain the high-level success for which we long — in every area of life!

We’re plenty motivated!

We’re just exhausted — living in personal energy debt, and burning out day after day, week after week – over months and years. And to add insult to injury; we don’t even realize we’re doing it!

If you think it’s possible you’re living in energy debt, I’m sure you are!

How can I be so sure?

Because you and I live in modern environments that move at a pace our bodies are simply not adapted to maintaining – without applying knowledge, thought, planning, and skill to the process!

There’s no doubt about it: being “debt-free” when it comes to energy just doesn’t happen in today’s world without awareness and vigilance. Believe me, you know if you’re making balancing the amount of energy you spend with the amount of energy you regenerate a priority!

Even though most of us think we’re doing that today and okay, by getting that extra hour of sleep; we might be unknowingly carrying around years of accumulated energy debt. We’ve slowly habituated ourselves over time to a low level of alertness, thinking that how we feel now is normal. The truth is that most of us are functioning at a level that is far from optimal, far from the level of alertness that enables us to be energetic, wide awake, happy, creative, productive, motivated, and healthy human beings.

The great news is, it’s not difficult to live free of energy debt by learning how to manage your energy not just your time. Once you understand the almost completely hidden lifestyle challenges draining your energy, and how personal energy management works (free of the all the outdated, typical, and inapplicable information usually available on the subject) you’re life will change for the better forever.

You’ll learn REM© Performance Living 101. Coming in April.

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