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Foresight is 2020

Trimester 1: Foresight is 2020: Actualize a Vision for Your Life

January has passed, Whew! What a month. 2020 is in full gear. So I am checking in with you, and your vision for the year. 

We titled this Trimester–Foresight is 2020 Actualize a Vision for Your Life; an idea I got permission to use from Pastor Terry Smith. A Trimester topic is a big idea that lasts for 4 months, with a few different topics that are influential to people’s lives, especially at certain times of the year. Pastor Terry Smith, whom I get to hear every Sunday at the TLCC, is by far one of the most eloquent and effective communicators I’ve ever come across; and I’ve heard, learned from and/or worked with many. 

He’s a non-denominational Christian Pastor who’s part pastor, part Steven Covey, part philosopher and he is a prolific science researcher who does not preach religion. He’s also an accomplished “actualizer “himself.  So this title for our Trimester 1, was so compelling, I asked him if I could use it within my community, and he said, “by all means, yes”.  

In January “2020,” Actualize a Vision for Your Life is pretty relevant. And I would like to help you do that, so here are a few insights around that.

Frankly, plenty of people have achieved at higher levels than I have. In actualizing my own visions I’ve lost money, made money and lost it again, and then made money again. I’ve gone through long stretches without making any, and times where money was on tap. I’ve come up short multiple times and I’ve been victorious.

But along the way in my life, I’ve learned 3 core aptitudes in service of creating something from nothing more than an idea. 

We must come from our authentic Self, and cultivate personal energy. in other words, live from what sources our life force, and makes sure we don’t tire out our body, else everything else becomes a struggle. 

We need a lifestyle that both supports us, and what we are up to in the world; meaning, the energy, health and performance of our body/brain as a person and the support for what we’re doing in the world, else you’ll have too much dependent on you.

Our lifestyle needs to be as focused as much on we are up to in our family, career or businesses, sport or creative pursuit as it is on taking care of of our self, our body and our life as listed above.  

#1 above is the focus of this INSIGHT, and really only one aspect of it. In my estimation it’s the most important lifestyle change you will ever make; and that’s aligning yourself with the power within, that provides the intelligence and energy needed to actualize your vision. 

The big vision I’m actualizing right now, is the rise of a new lifestyle, the Performance Lifestyle, and or High-Performance Lifestyle that ironically help people actualize the vision they have for their life; but seriously, let’s get real…
That’s not going to happen through visualization skills alone; it happens by applying the fundamentals of successful living and working… of which mental visualization is considered a tactical skill. 

To make the most of your mental visualization skills we need to be living from the very best part of ourselves; the part that sources our vision… that’s fundamental. 

What’s sourcing the vision you have for your life… and your capacity to act on it?  

Remember, Visualization is not just a mental game. We are talking about foresight here and it’s while it’s now the year 2020; listening to your inner inspiration is not always “2020” until you have a direct relationship with what that “inner inspiration” really is, to use simple terms. 

I recently made a point on the Productivity 2020 Summit with George Sachs Ph.D. that when you are a Pastor, as Pastor Terri would say, this inner inspiration means that you are “in Covenant with God.” A personal development guru might say that you are “aligned with the unlimited power within,” or an enlightenment teacher or Performance Lifestyle Coach 😉  might say, you are living from “the intelligent energy of the universe,” or coming from your authentic self.”

In any case, no matter what you call it, you are being driven by an intelligent force that is sourcing both information and energy, and the more you are identified, aligned with, and cultivating this force within you, or as some would say “as you” (as I would say), the more personal power you will have to actualize the vision you have for / your life. 

Meaning, when you are identified with, or at least seeking direct counsel from that power within you, you are able to get ideas, insights and every once in awhile a clear vision of your future; which, if you cultivate the capabilities to listen to, use your imagination around and contemplate such insight (summed up as visiualization) it will guide you on your path like nothing else can. 

This is your inner guide if you will, and it may take some time to detect, trust and interpret. But as you wake up and continue to grow up (yeah we’re all still growing up in the bigger scope of life), you will build a stronger and stronger relationship with this source energy. 

I for one refer to this source as the intelligent energy of the universe, or God, working through you… 

So how do you bring this insight to a head, such that it can benefit you right now? 

Here, now in February, look out into the future of the year, and think about what your vision is for 2020 and beyond. And start listening to the steps that arise. What’s next for you? Whatever question you ask, the intelligent energy within, answers.

You don’t need to know how to do what I’m suggesting; it just happens. In this case, just do it, it’s natural for you, as your brain is a goal-achieving machine and in the right relationship with that machine; the intelligent energy of the universe is what gives you the personal power to create.

Align with that and watch what happens.

Whatever you want to call the life force, it’s coming from the very best part of yourself. So live from it. 

  • It’s where your real confidence comes from. 
  • It’s where inspiration comes from, on tap. 
  • It’s where true motive starts 
  • It’s what powers your thinking
  • It’s what you are…

If you need some help with this… contact JAM, and master this when you go all in

Warning, as big an INSIGHT as this is, without a style of living that supports you and the support for what you are up to in the world, all the above will fall short. So to actualize your vision, don’t just focus on the vision itself, consider what it’s going to take to actualize it. 

That’s where Performance Lifestyle training comes in. It’s not mere “healthy living,” it’s how you achieve your goals. 

~ JAM 

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