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In our last post, we referenced and addressed an overview of the high-performance lifestyle, as introduced by FITT Insider. In which, they provided a very basic framework for the high-performance lifestyle.

Image by website FITT INSIDER.”

This post is about their second article on the high-performance lifestyle, highlighting the point further that the high-performance lifestyle is “here to stay,” and reinforcing why it’s so essential that we all learn it.

We will interject some thoughts following PL®A— as we go through the key points of the article, given the idea of living a high/performance lifestyle is so new and we have spent decades defining it.

One of the key points that they made in their first installment was the High-Performance Lifestyle or HPL is about self-mastery over self-care. “Beyond physical feats alone, the HPL taps into existentialism, addressing aspects of spirituality, self-actualization, and even mortality.”

PL®A—we love this because it points to what is the greatest and most important aspect of a high-performance lifestyle. Yes, energy is the cornerstone, among many aspects of the lifestyle; it’s the crux of the whole thing. But the flipside of energy is spirit and getting grounded in the source of the flow they talk about below points to the mother lode.  This more than anything else enables high performance.

To Review
The high-performance lifestyle combines elements of technology, fitness, medicine, and mindfulness, the high-performance lifestyle (HPL) and has taken hold.

The goal is simple, albeit idealistic: to optimize performance.

Health is central to this objective, but it extends beyond diet and exercise. Here, sleep and recovery are essential. Mindfulness is an unlock. And self-mastery is a parallel pursuit, where excellence is the endgame regardless of the domain.

The desire to increase longevity plays a role. But, depending on the individual, life extension can be the basis for or a by-product of the HPL. More practically, the overarching aim is enhancing one’s ability to achieve and maintain “flow”.

By honing health, fine-tuning energy levels, and calming the mind, the brain and body will be primed for optimal performance in physical endeavors, creative projects, business ventures, personal relationships — you name it.

“A calm mind, a fit body, and a house full of love. These things cannot be bought — they must be earned.” – Naval Ravikant

PL®A— That is a great description of a High-Performance Lifestyle because it focuses on the lifestyle description, not the commercial one. And we say this with the acknowledgment that there are many great products and tools that enable one to live an optimal lifestyle, but those tools without an understanding of and training in the lifestyle itself, fall short.

There are many aspects of a high-performance lifestyle and each tends to get parsed out into their own category in the fitness and wellness industry, which is not directly about “the lifestyle” but more about selling programs, products, around aspects of the lifestyle.

Without an understanding of what it means to live the pillars of what is a balanced lifestyle that promotes high levels of health and performance, the industry often creates a fragmented understanding of what it all means, where it all fits, and the like and that needs to change.

That was a driving force of Performance Lifestyle Inc. in developing the Performance Lifestyle® framework and then determining what makes a performance lifestyle a “high-performance lifestyle”.

If there is any hope of people, including elite athletes, actually living a high-performance lifestyle, they need to understand what a performance lifestyle is first. When you have a context-correct understanding of this, then all the different elements of human performance can fall into place, and you can actually execute on them.

PL®A—Let’s reference a big idea that many people can relate to—Christianity.

If you don’t understand the Gospel, you never really get the true understanding of Christianity and can fall prey to the prosperity gospel as laid out so amazingly well in the Netflix special, American Gospel.

The reason we bring up what many would see as a religious reference (though it’s not intended to be that) is that the high-performance lifestyle can and will likely become a “religion” in its own right; meaning a fanatical trend that makes one believe that they have to buy all kinds of gadgets in order to be living one.

That’s what the reference to prosperity gospel is pointing to…

Prosperity theology is a religious belief among some Protestant Christians that financial blessing and physical well-being are always the wills of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one’s material wealth.

The reality is that none of that is true, even though all of these things such as faith, positive speech, and donations are and can be good things, without a doubt. It’s just that you don’t have to spend money to be “saved;” you don’t have to do good works to get into heaven. “Good Works” are the by-product of living the Gospel.

You get the idea.

When it comes to living a high-performance lifestyle, there are lots of places to spend money, on gadgets, supplements, you name it.

Here’s a small glimpse of what FITT INSIDER points out in terms of the marketplace of the HPL.

PL®A—Note: in this case ref: the “pillars of high performance”; these are the commercial pillars of high performance, but by no means represent the full set of the actual lifestyle pillars that comprise a high-performance lifestyle.

The Pillars of High-Performance

Surveying the landscape, countless companies are seizing on the HPL. To Naval’s quote above, the outcome can’t be bought. But brands can sell tools to accelerate the process.

Health trackers: Forget counting steps. HPLers are monitoring sleep, recovery, strain, heart rate variability, resting heart rate, and more. Among the preferred devices, WHOOP and Oura Ring lead the way, with Apple Watch and Garmin in the mix.

Sleep: Eight Sleep’s smart mattress is an all-in-one sleep solution. Remrise landed $8M for plant-based sleep aids. Proper, a sleep wellness company, raised $9.5M. And Calm’s Sleep Stories helped it outpace rival Headspace.

Nutrition: The keto diet (or at least aspects of it) is popular with high-performers. Brands like Bulletproof, HVMN, and LMNT cater to this consumer. Big Sky Health, makers of wellness apps Zero and Less, helps users fast and avoid alcohol. Elsewhere, there are bold ambitions for personalized nutrition.

Recovery: Hyperice has taken a high-tech approach to recovery. Myodetox is elevating physical therapy. Backed by Lance Armstrong, PowerDot is mainstreaming muscle stimulation. Not forgotten, analog options like the sauna, float tank, or ice bath still do the trick.

Fitness: CrossFit could have cornered the HPL market but faltered. Instead, Laird Hamilton’s XPT Life is building a comprehensive protocol. Tonal, not Peloton, is well-positioned to win this consumer. For purists, Rogue Fitness is the equipment provider of choice.

Flow: Headspace and Calm are well known, but Waking Up stands out. For clarity of thought, Jour and The Five Minute Journal are useful. For flow, Berlin-based Endel just raised $5M to enhance focus. And Brain.fm is perfecting functional music.

Be on the Lookout

Continuous glucose monitoring is gaining steam. But as heart rate variability and resting heart rate become key metrics, breathwork will be a bigger deal. Right on time, aptly named Breathwrk recently secured seed funding.

Related to recovery, mobility will be a big business — ROMWOD and Ready State have a head start. Targeting bio-hackers, two former Freeletics execs hope to push the limits of performance with Unfair, a newly announced startup.

Further afield, psychedelic wellness upstarts like Third Wave will break through. And anti-aging companies are chasing immortality. On that front, Humanity Inc. secured $2.5M in funding to increase immune health and slow aging.

Can you imagine thinking that you need all of these products to live a high-performance lifestyle? It would be overwhelming.

What we hoped to convey in this post, is that living a high-performance lifestyle starts with understanding, and what it means to live a performance lifestyle. Also, what (in part) distinguishes a high-performance lifestyle. Of course, it’s never one thing.

We also want you to see that you’ve got to understand the “gospel” of a high-performance lifestyle, the core tenant, which to be truthful is not far removed from what Christianity and other major religions actually point to, in terms of living aligned with the source of it all and that you don’t need to buy or purchase special things in order to be living high performance. What you do need to be living are the actual pillars of a high-performance lifestyle before all the shiny objects will have much value.

By John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM, Founder Performance Lifestyle Inc, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, and Coach.

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