Enhancing Recovery In Athletes

A Coaches guide to enhancing recoveryOne of the first books to be published on the emergence of the Performance Lifestyle, Coaches’ Guide to Enhancing Recovery in Athletes, was  Ian Jeffreys.

Ian is an and advisor to Lifestyle Coach John Allen Mollenhauer, creator of the Performance Lifestyle Academy.

Ian Jeffreys is an internationally renowned coach, educator, and author. He is regarded as a world authority in the development of speed, agility, and conditioning for team sports. His unique game speed system and RAMP warm-up protocols are widely adopted by many coaches and organizations.

He is also one of the most credentialed people around—Ph.D., PGCE, CSCS*D, ASCCNSCA-CPT*D, RSCC*E, FNSCAFUKSCASFHEA

This book was an influence in the development of the Performance Lifestyle curriculum when it first came out.

I loved it, in part because it validated the track we were on as a company in assembling the ideas that make up the performance lifestyle with a focus on managing energy (enhancing recovery) as the primary objective; around which you must develop a multidimensional approach, called Performance Lifestyle

Now this book focuses on athletes, and as you may have already discovered in , Performance Lifestyle was born in elite athletics.

Performance lifestyle was a little-known idea that originally emerged in the world of elite athletics. It began as a personalized support service designed to help athletes’ sustain their training and win in their sport and sync up their sporting and non-sporting lives. By bringing both aspects into alignment, athletes saw improvement in their health, well-being, and athletic performance.

Unlike pro athletes, most of us don’t have the necessary information, education, and support – training, or coaching to optimize the way we live. Performance Lifestyle, Inc. was founded to make lifestyle training and support available to everyday achievers in life and business who want to live with optimal energy levels, for peak health and performance.

Ian Jeffreys states:

Underrecovery will always compromise performance, and to be effective any performance-enhancement program must ensure that recovery is as well-planned and programmed as the athlete s training. The Performance Lifestyle provides coaches and athletes with a structure around which to build individualized and multidimensional recovery strategies that both optimize recovery and maximize performance levels.

The first part of the book covers the multiple nature of recovery in athletes broken down into three chapters: the nature of fitness, fatigue, and recovery, a multidimensional approach to recovery, and the performance lifestyle model.

The second part of the book details the seven pillars of the performance lifestyle, which are: pillar 1 identify and act on dreams, pillar 2 develop self-awareness, pillar 3 the power of positive, pillar 4 the power of rituals, pillar 5 build capacity and recover, pillar 6 quality nutrition, and pillar 7 quality sleep.

Performance Lifestyle as you will learn in the Academy includes many of these insights but has converted the now refined and expanded lifestyle mindset and skillsets of elite athletes, for people who may not be into sports or even fitness enthusiasts at present.

The reason why this book is so important is that it highlights the fact that athletes are people too, their job simply requires that their body is in peak condition. You may not be a sports athlete but you are an athlete nonetheless.

This site published by Lifestyle Coach John Allen Mollenhauer of Performance Lifestyle Inc.


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