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Course Synopsis

Nutrient-rich foods are essential to energy, health, and performance. Discover why superfoods are a cornerstone of optimal nutrition and how you can eat more whole, plant-based, nutrient-rich foods in ways that work for you. In this module, you’ll learn the 3 Classes of Food™, the 5 key attributes of health-promoting foods, and how to transition to eating in a way that’s healthy and convenient for your lifestyle.

Course Description

There are so many dietary philosophies on the market today that it can be utterly overwhelming. But many of these philosophies focus on the wrong principles and sell your body short in the process. Figuring out how to eat healthy with so many competing directives might leave you throwing your hands in the air and giving up.

Performance lifestyle nutrition clears the path and cuts through all the temporary trends by providing an entire dietary philosophy based on the simple objective of fueling your body the way it needs to be nourished. When you prioritize eating as a fueling function, you can focus on eating the right foods in the right way to promote consistent, available energy and reliable health.

In this Essential training, you’ll learn about the 3 Classes of Food™, how to transition to eating in a way that’s healthy and convenient for your lifestyle, and the 5 key attributes of foods that promote energy, health, and performance. You’ll also learn why nutrient density is more significant than calorie density, the importance of eating 90% (or more) whole, plant-based, nutrient-rich foods, and the crucial elements that help you determine the best way to eat for your body, your lifestyle, and your goals.

What’s Included


In-depth playbook providing core training materials, including course concepts, educational content, and actionable steps


Live, virtual events delivering training on specific topics related to the course


Live, virtual events to introduce the course and host interactive Q&A sessions


Live interview with a leading expert on eating nutrient-rich, health-promoting foods


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