Merry Christmas from John Allen Mollenhauer JAM and Team

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from John Allen Mollenhauer and Team

From all of us here at Performance Lifestyle Inc, (PLi) we want to wish you the happiest of holidays and an amazing New Year ahead.

In this holiday message, I want to briefly share with you what our Pastor shared with us on Christmas Eve.



About the Author:

Known as “John Allen” or by his initials “JAM,” John Allen Mollenhauer is the founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc, a transformational education, training and coaching company. He is also the creator of Nutrient Rich Superfoods along with his wife and partner Mariahna. As a seasoned entrepreneur who’s experienced the stress, exhaustion and fatigue of modern work life, he has become one of the leading Performance Lifestyle Advisors worldwide. He specializes in the evolutionary science of flow and personal energy management for breakthrough performance and quality life. His pioneering, lifestyle-based performance training and coaching practice serves primarily driven business professionals, business owners and managers in high growth organizations and is based at his center in Livingston, NJ.

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