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What inspired me to found Performance Lifestyle Inc, and get into a career where I help people to recover from the excess stress in their busy lives and learn how “live in balance with vibrant health and peace of mind while achieving even your most ambitious goals?” 

The Confession: 

The truth is, I had suffered from fatigue, for decades, and it undermined my health, my performance and consequently my success; and better nutrition and fitness, the usual directives that are devoid of context and definition for most, and subject to way too much market confusion, weren’t weren’t enough to resolve the problem.

  • I happened to be a pioneer in the high nutrient density eating style and knew more than enough about nutrition, so it wasn’t what I was eating that was the problem, though I was coping with excess stress by overeating healthy food.

  • I exercised plenty, used to own gyms, and was a former competitive athlete, but maybe I was exercising too much, to the extent that I was exercising a fatigued body.

  • And I always thought I was getting enough sleep, so while I was an advocate for getting more sleep, I later learned that was not getting enough sleep. I was still under recuperated due to so much energy output.

    Most human performance professionals are so bent on how much sleep a person gets but don’t focus at all on how much energy we’re spending, how and where! For me, I found out that I was only sleeping 6.8 hours per night. You may think that’s a lot but I assure you, if you are a driven, achievement-oriented, ambitious person, it’s likely 6.8 hours is not enough

Have you ever dealt with chronic overwhelm, and felt tired all the time despite all the good things going on all around you? You’re eating better than ever and exercising more and even getting that extra hour of sleep here and there but for some reason a reason you can’t quite put your finger you, you’re still feeling tired all the time and things just fall apart? 

You know what should be regular and routine habits in your life, but there are all these personal circumstances that simply aren’t addressed by the typical nutrition and fitness solutions you’re reading about and for some reason things just don’t work out that well, or for long, for you.

There just seem to be gaps; things you realize that are going on in your life, that may come across as mere excuses to many professionals simply because “they don’t address those issues.” They may be conveniently overlooked or even minimized, simply because it’s out of the scope of their niche.

You just feel like there is more going on, but you just can’t quite put your finger on why you’re struggling. And this is perplexing because you’re educated, smart and motivated, but still, you hit the wall more times than you’d care to admit.

This was me. and overtime, I realized there had to be more to this story about why people aren’t able to function and perform at higher levels, or for long, before things just seem to fall apart.

I knew that it was all about human performance as a whole, not just nutrition and fitness; but I didn’t know what the whole was. And knowing that there was way more to human performance than how we eat and move, there naturally had to be way more to lifestyle; a term that seemed grossly skewed and misunderstood, especially at the time I took to developing a new lifestyle mindset and skill set to deal with my challenges. 

Just watch a YouTube video and “lifestyle” almost always refers to a persons’ wealth, what they own, and can afford. No wonder people focus so much on their success but don’t know very little about the lifestyle that will support the performance required to achieve that success.
What I and my team are talking about is helping people succeed at higher levels as a result of living for performance. How do you live to proactively to promote your energy, health, and productivity, success and wellbeing and ultimately your quality of life? 

What I discovered is that lifestyle is the common denominator across all of the above life characteristics, and that it’s only when you begin to live for performance, do you actually develop a lifestyle that performs. And by that, I mean to optimize the way you live.

So I began a long and in-depth study of not only human health and performance but most important to human function and performance, human energy; and eventually discovered an idea called Performance Lifestyle.

It hadn’t been defined yet, but was an up and coming paradigm for next level living and it was perfect to frame our findings.

So it started with me being the sufferer, then the selfish innovator, then sharing this idea with others, and ultimately becoming a Performance Lifestyle entrepreneur, trainer, and coach.

And that’s how it all began.

Moral of the story?

Don’t think for a second, that you should know better, be looking, feeling or performing better because of how much effort you’ve put out in the past. It likely wasn’t enough because there are other fundamentals of successful living you weren’t and still aren’t paying attention too.

It’s time to get a whole new view of what it really takes to live in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind, while achieving even your most ambitious goals. Besides looking, feeling and performing better, learning how may just make that ambitious goal a reality.

It’s a beautiful thing when you are no longer held back and distracted by challenges.

Join me as part of a select group in PL365 in 2018. You can learn more here.



About the Author:

Known as “John Allen” or by his initials “JAM,” John Allen Mollenhauer is the founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc, a transformational education, training and coaching company. He is also the creator of Nutrient Rich Superfoods along with his wife and partner Mariahna. As a seasoned entrepreneur who’s experienced the stress, exhaustion and fatigue of modern work life, he has become one of the leading Performance Lifestyle Advisors worldwide. He specializes in the evolutionary science of flow and personal energy management for breakthrough performance and quality life. His pioneering, lifestyle-based performance training and coaching practice serves primarily driven business professionals, business owners and managers in high growth organizations and is based at his center in Livingston, NJ. http://johnallenjam.com/who-i-am/

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