With a Baby On the Way, Sleep Just Got That Much More Important

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In the picture above, you see me really tired. This was a picture at Natural Products Expo East, after a full day of work. I was so tired that I could have fallen asleep right there at the table, for hours. I did not have a great night sleep the night before and of course, the day was super busy.

Now with a baby on the way, sleep just got that much more important because I cannot afford to be like that, let alone on a regular basis. Believe me, I’ve been there and it makes life suck!

Over the past almost 9 months, I have been hearing from everyone that I am going to be so tired as a new dad. This is understood advice, and I’m glad my friends have my back, as having a potentially crying baby at midnight is not going to help my sleep or that of my wife.

But I have a secret and I believe it will both save me and has me prepared for this time period more than anything else— I am not depending on sleep alone to help sustain my energy levels, especially during this time. I never do.

As a matter of fact, sleep alone doesn’t even sustain me now, as an entrepreneur; the 7-9 hours of actual sleep I get today are not enough. Other methods of energy regeneration are required, especially if I want to experience surplus energy during my days.

We often hear that “life is crazy,” these days. It is, but not necessarily in a negative sense. What we mean went we say this, is that we have more hitting us, vying for our attention than at any other time in history and now, with a baby on the way, as so many others have already been through; I will have more vying for my attention.

On top of running a company, I better stay awake. No, not that “awake,” I mean conscious, aware, and ready to read and heed the signs and symptoms so that I make great lifestyle decisions. Getting run down is NOT AN OPTION.

Now our second child, I have true admiration and wonderment for Moms and Dads who’ve had 1,2 or 3 kids, all in a row, who’ve had to manage them and nurture them at the same time while running a business or working a career. I for one raised my career first (that was my first baby, and it was a “cryer” for a long time). I then invited in a stepson, and now a baby girl is coming into our world. It’s all been progressive, but it’s no less daunting.

Having kids is a lot of work!
Anyone who downplays home vs worklife seriously never had kids. And women, often have both with a more direct relationship with the young baby. Not selling us men short, but let’s admit it, alot more responsibility falls on the mother.

And while the tradeoff of this strategy of having kids later in life, is that I will be going to PTA meetings at 57!!!, I feel like I’m ready for the challenge spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

My increased confidence comes from having had 49 years to mature before I had a newborn (yeah, I needed a lot of that); that said, one thing arises above all other aspects of my development. I have been through exhaustive periods as an entrepreneur that felt like they would kill me. So, fortunately, I am no stranger to tiredness and I know what to do now.

It wasn’t always that way, for many years I suffered from fatigue due to an over-engaged life, and a slew of other issues that I needed to resolve; all of which has me now deeply connected to the source of my energy and power. It’s not a psychological thing, it’s being connected to that which is animating me, gives me vitality and strength, and knowing how to regenerate THAT.

I AM THAT. It’s why my JAM brand (my initials), also stands for I AM.

Look, closely:

It’s not always easy to restore one’s energy as the process is fraught with potential and often hidden challenges, especially if I/you go too far down the slippery slope of living out of balance; but knowing how to get your energy back is dependable.

You’ll be hearing a lot from me about my experience with a newborn. I’m sure it’s going to test me indeed, especially as I’ve just been through probably two of the toughest years of my life, winding down one company and consolidating it with another, after getting married, and being in an accident in 2015 that threw my life seriously out of whack while in the middle of a retail product launch of our natural products line, Superfood Infusions®.

So, I know I need to be very careful with how I manage my own energy in the coming Month(s).

This month, ironically we @ Performance Lifestyle Inc, are launching the Performance Edge program promoting optimal sleep performance so this should be both challenging, and fun.”

I hope you’ll join me.

In the meantime, here is a recent article “5 habits that mess with your sleep.”

Keeping it real,


About the Author:

Known as “John Allen” or by his initials “JAM,” John Allen Mollenhauer is the founder of Performance Lifestyle, Inc, a transformational education, training and coaching company. He is also the creator of Nutrient Rich Superfoods along with his wife and partner Mariahna. As a seasoned entrepreneur who’s experienced the stress, exhaustion and fatigue of modern work life, he has become one of the leading Performance Lifestyle Advisors worldwide. He specializes in the evolutionary science of flow and personal energy management for breakthrough performance and quality life. His pioneering, lifestyle-based performance training and coaching practice serves primarily driven business professionals, business owners and managers in high growth organizations and is based at his center in Livingston, NJ. http://johnallenjam.com/who-i-am/

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