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The Key to Change You'll Never Guess

Change Heroes —The Key to Change You’ll Never Guess.

Here at JAM, we train people to become “Change Heroes,” right out of the gate because if there is one skill you want to be equipped with during challenging times, it’s the ability to change gracefully.

Change, it’s a constant in our lives, but it’s manageable when you know how to change, and what changes to make to live optimally given your present situation and circumstances. You know you’ve made the right changes when you experience grace in your life.

That said, behavior changes can be seriously challenging, especially when they are dependent on other significant life structure changes for them to stick. And, well, let’s just say that most of us need a lot of help with this, not so much because change is inherently hard, but because of how we’ve been trained to date.

Negative addictions also abound in a world that seems to be selling you into bad habits everywhere you look. When you have a problem, eat, watch TV, drink, see a shrink, etc. It’s never-ending, the number of ways in which we can cope with stress in ways that create more stress and distract ourselves from what’s really going on in our lives.

Change Heroes act more intelligently.

I’m reminded of my friend and associate, “The Philosopher of FIT, Shawn Philips, who says; when most of us think of “habits,” we don’t think of our good habits, we think of our bad habits and they seem to be the hardest to change for the very reason that they are helping us cope with other unresolved challenges.

But if we need to change those habits, which we do, what do most of us do?

We take an approach that is super hard and we force ourselves to do something we don’t want to do or don’t enjoy. And then, apply heroics to get through it. We also do so in a vacuum, not seeing what else is involved for this change to speak. But this articles is not really about those aspects of change.

It’s about the key to change.

When it comes to change, and if you want to join our fellow ” Change Heroes,” depending on heroics, only take you so far. Not far.

Against the backdrop of “change is hard,” which so many of us embody, is a different approach that is gaining steam; Change Heroes in the making, take heed.

It’s emerging after decades of self-help guru’s without really understanding the client’s situation, get you hooked on making changes you do not have enough support (energy, financial, human, resources, etc) around making, particularly because the changes are big and bold. Heroic yes, likely to succeed and sustain? No.

And, the governor so to speak that prevents change more than anything else is the place from which you initiate the change. From your head, or from what you really are; that place where intentions are set and you follow through with ease. You will know the absolute best part of yourself, once you’ve made the greatest change there is to make, which eventually all “Change Heroes” rely on to live and make all other changes, improvements, and optimizations in their life.

That is, the shift from a psychological orientation to life to one that is based on what you really are. More on that to come.

So what is the key to change?

The key to change, is feeling good about making the change, every step of the way.


John Allen, the key to change is to feel good about it?

Feeling good about the change and celebrating even the smallest marginal gain is the most important aspect of making changes there is. Even if you don’t want to go all-in, or all-out, starting small to build a win and celebrating that change, will do more to promote improvement and optimization than anything else.

Ten pushups too much, and daunting? Do one! Yeah, one and then celebrate. That’s a win. Whether your motivation to change from say example sedentary TV watching is high or low, everyone can do one push up and then two… and then celebrate.

What you’ll find is that when you know you can succeed, your motivation is high, your ability is high and your task is within reach; you also know it will start and then end, and you can celebrate that without feeling like a wimp, your change will be in motion immediately. From there momentum builds.

Even the best start this way. And that is why certain people are able to become Change Heroes, while others follow the philosophy of “go big or go home,” and why most of them opt for going home. They simply can’t do it.

Want to change, and become a Change Hero? Learn how to feel good about changing every step of the way through the change process, the improvement process, and the optimization process.


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About JAM.

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” is an expert at helping driven entrepreneurs and business professionals achieve more through a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle; those who feel distracted and held back in their business, maybe even their life because they don’t have the zest and zeal they used to, the support, and clarity they need to succeed in the way or at the level they want. They’ve gone from program to program each of which promises the solution to perform better, better achieving their ambitious goals and living the lifestyle they envision, but something is missing, something they just can’t quite put their finger on, and they’re ALL-IN to resolve it once and for all.”

JAM is the founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc—a leading-edge training and coaching practice that guides people on how to ultimately optimize their energy, health, and performance to achieve their ambitions goals. Thousands of people have been inspired by JAM to make lifestyle changes starting with sourcing, recovering and managing natural energy, to increase performance and quality of life.

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