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Male Menopause and It's Impact on Leadership

Male Menopause and the Second Half of Life

The ‘Male Menopause and its impact on the Second Half of Life For those of you reading this article and, for the first time connecting with me, John Allen Mollenhauer, also known as Lifestyle Coach JAM, I work primarily with

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Healthy High Achiever and the HPL

HPL is the New Acronym for Excellence

The Healthy High Achiever and the HPL: The New Acronym for Excellence.  By John Allen Mollenhauer, Lifestyle Coach JAM  Excellence originates from having energy, health, and the capacity to perform well without having to burn out or trade one’s health

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HPL New Acronym for Excellence

HPL is The 1 New Acronym for Excellence. 

HPL. It’s Health, Performance, and life; it’s living a High-Performance Lifestyle. It is not for everybody, but anybody can take it from theory to practice to mastery.  If you asked 100 people if they would like to live a life

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What ChatGPT Has to Say About Performance Lifestyle

ChatGPT on Performance Lifestyle A performance lifestyle intentionally cultivates habits and behaviors that support optimal physical and mental performance. It involves making conscious choices to prioritize habits and behaviors that enhance energy levels, focus, and productivity while promoting overall health

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