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Bio-John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM”

Bio: John Allen Mollenhauer.

John Allen Mollenhauer, nicknamed “JAM,” is a lifelong and driven entrepreneur. In the first half of his career, he appeared to be thriving on the surface, but internally, he struggled withJohn Allen Mollenhauer "JAM" excessive stress and fatigue. This affected his health, success, relationships, and overall well-being, accelerating the aging process and impacting his longevity. However, everything changed when he discovered the potential of optimal living and embraced the rise of a new lifestyle. JAM became proactive about accelerating energy recovery, tapping into the flow state, and learning how to manage his energy like a pro.

Today, JAM is a successful entrepreneur and coauthor of the book “The Curse of the Capable—The Hidden Challenges to Living a Balanced and Healthy, High-Achieving Life.” He collaborated with Harvard Psychologist Arthur Ciaramicoli, Ph.D., and Superbowl MVP Phil Simms on this project and will publish the second edition circa 2025. Additionally, JAM founded Regenus Centers, a performance wellness center that helps individuals unlock their body’s resilience to bounce back from stress, pain, and fatigue.

His company installs Advanced Recovery and Rejuvenation Chambers at homes, wellness, and medical centers, and on-site at businesses and teaches driven achievers-types how to live the high-Performance Lifestyle® with extra emphasizing the alignment of our habits with a healthy ecosystem.

Outside of his professional endeavors, JAM is happily married and has two children; he loves to bike, coach sports, read, write, speak, and travel.

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John Allen Mollenhauer

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