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The Biggest Secret to Motivation Is Hidden in Plain Experience

It’s been said, “the way we’re living and working isn’t working.”

We know this as a result of understanding human motivation better; presenteeism is taking over absenteeism as the greatest bane on human performance and productivity. What this means is than we show up, but don’t or can’t really “show up.”

Translation: We’re simply spending too much energy each day, not recuperating enough and this directly affects our ability to function and perform sustainably “well” as moms and dads, career professionals, partners, business owners, amateur athletes, students etc. And if we do show up in a tired state based on sheer will and coffee, we end up debiting our longevity due to overexertion, lack of recovery and healing and the toll it takes on wearing out the body.

When you have a sense of feeling tired all the time or not being the personally powerful person you remember yourself to be, it’s not because you’re not motivated; it’s because you’re only partially motivated.

You’re body is missing the vital energy that gives it its strength.

Most people don’t realize that our recuperative needs are even greater and more immediate than our food and fitness needs.

That’s why personal energy renewal, including but not limited to sleep, rest and recovery… represents the core of a Performance Lifestyle management approach to achieving success, sustainably and quality of life.

When you learn personal energy renewal, as core to a lifestyle that supports you and what you’re up to in your life, you’ll get the psychic permission you need to care for your recuperative needs in ways you never have before — and you’ll begin learning how to do it strategically, systematically, and efficiently.

One of the KEY ways athletes optimize their lives to meet their goals is by effectively balancing their energy expenditures with recuperation and trust me, that’s just the the beginning; the most basic understanding of personal energy you’ll need to manage your energy, like a pro.

And considering just that one idea alone, there are nuances about it, which if you don’t understand, will leave you living still, the status quo.

But most of us don’t live everyday with even that advantage. We live at a significant disadvantage — paying heavy interest on a growing energy debt as we overspend our energy each day.

As a result, we lose health, productivity, quality of life, and personal performance. We lose brainpower and resilience despite all the motivational programs you’ve signed up for that are supposed to leave you successful and ecstatically happy.

Without enough personal energy, your motivation will wane and this is the biggest secrets to sustained motivation and it’s hidden in plain site.

But, just as athletes do, you CAN learn to apply thought, planning, and skill to the process of balancing the amount of energy you generate with the amount of energy you re-generate and go way beyond that to boot.

We’ll start you on this path in our our upcoming webinar. “How To Actually Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time And Really Get Your Energy Back In 60 days.”

For starters…

  • How to avoid the three biggest mistakes most people make, that keeps them tired all the time
  • How nutrition and fitness alone will not help you to overcome exhaustion and fatigue
  • How to identify the key areas in your life that are causing energy drain
  • The two key principles you need to know that will change how you manage your energy forever
  • Access to a simple, yet powerful strategy to go from fatigued today to healthier, happier and more productive in as little as 60 days

These are all the questions I’ll be answering on our upcoming webinar “How To Actually Stop Feeling Fatigued All The Time And Really Get Your Energy Back In 60 days.”

We’ll keep you posted in the coming days.

If you want to learn more about PERC ahead the webinar, you can click on the link below. Seating and access to the course will be limited in the fall, so if this is important to you, stay tuned and or get signed up sooner than later.

I have an audio interview on the page that explains it pretty well.

Live Like a Pro,

John Allen Mollenhauer

PS: That’s more than just a sound-good salutation. It actually means something in a Performance Lifestyle. 😉 Keep it in mind.

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