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Are You Living in Energy Debt Here at the Start of 2017

Things are going great; it’s the New Year or any given week for that matter. You’re feeling awesome, productive, rolling. You feel like you’re the epitome of fluid, forward movement. Then, things start to slow down. The workout consistency starts experiencing longer than usual intervals, decision-making slows, anxiety increases, your out-of-the- gate productivity of the year, the week, the day starts slowing, and your routine is starting to feel out of whack.

Then, things start to slow down. The workout consistency starts to fade; you’re experiencing longer than usual intervals, decision-making slows, anxiety increases, your out-of-the-gate productivity of the year, the week, the day starts slowing, and your routine is starting to feel out of whack.

And then, the dreaded routine begins. You start eating to feel better and more for that matter; no-thought social media distractions are at least keeping you feeling busy, the harder work items are now starting to get put off, and you’re opting for easier tasks. It’s just too much for you at the moment, and now your stories about how stressed you are, start their rise.

Here we go again, same ole’ same ole’ pattern. “It’s what usually happens to me,” you think.

Already? What’s going on? What’s going wrong, is it, me?

Nothing is wrong with you, but going wrong it is. Not in the sense that what you’re doing is wrong, but how you’re going about it.

You are building energy debt because you’re driving yourself too hard, blowing not just through your energy, but morese your bodies capacity to regenerate it fast enough. No, not the energy you’ve eaten, it would take some time before that happens, rather, the electrical energy you’ve previously charged and need to charge to “function.”

This is really beginning to affect you as your energy levels are sinking low, and so’s your spirit. The feeling is fatigue, like you’re tired all the time, even if you slept 7-9 hours last night. It’s making you feel like something is wrong with you, which begins it’s own cascade of symptoms.

The downward spiral begins.

If you don’t catch it here and now, and you make this personal, it can decimate your week or longer, or more than just your productivity. It can seriously affect your wellbeing and that of others. So you must always deal with energy debt.

You can’t see this problem, or readily measure it; you can only experience it. It’s subjective, and it feels horrible, particularly because you don’t know what it is. You don’t feel good, and the medical world, the nutrition world, and the supplement world amongst likely others are ready to pounce.

You are in energy debt, more commonly known as sleep debt and it can’t be, never has been and will never be solved by medicine, nutrition and supplements in whole, and only potentially in part. A small part. It’s caused by a variety of in-parallel factors that are have inadvertently conspired to create your current state, like a tornado or a presidential election. The perfect conditions.

What makes this potentially worse, is that the people around you won’t know what’s going on, and will only say you’re not motivated enough; even though down deep they too have experienced this, and may even be in the throws of it as they critique you. If they have a vested interested in keeping you going, that review may be particularly harsh.

You need to know what’s going on so that you can effectively handle this insidious position you’re in that underpins all your health and performance initiatives.

So what’s the solution?

For starters, understanding the problem is first. Becuase this will happen over and over again if you don’t understand the problem you are trying to solve.

Is it just a matter of getting more sleep?

No. It helps for sure, but there are several other factors.

What makes the difference between just sleeping more and renewing your energy so that you’ve got enough juice (it’s pretty likely you’ve got plenty of fuel), to have an amazing first 100 days of the year?

For athletes and other balanced and healthy, high performers or achievers, sleep is only one aspect of their means to regenerate their energy. They have a full strategy to deal with the exceptional levels of life force they’re generating each and every day.

Simply put, harnessing and maintaining their energy is priority numero uno, because everything else in their life depends on it.

Peak performers and the wellness elite have more sophisticated methods for maintaining energy their energy levels than most people realize, and they reap the benefits in their lives every day.

Matter of fact, if there is one thing they all do, they master their energy–they power their lives and their success with an optimal energy strategy, enjoying the intellectual edge, well-being, confidence, and emotional resilience that only a person living with optimal energy levels can experience.

Now, if it seems I’m giving many high performers too much credit you may be right; just understand that I’m talking about healthy, high-achieving people. These people have performance lifestyle’s and these people I am not giving too much credit. They take this stuff seriously.

First, they understand the science of overcoming fatigue and building real energy. We are committed to respecting science here at Perforamance Lifestyle Inc as are our Advisors such as Ari Whitten who spearheaded the science of superhuman energy in a great way. We recommend you take this course asap.

You see most people are living at a significant disadvantage — they are paying a substantial interest on their growing energy debt in lost health, productivity, quality of life, and personal (yes it’s business) performance!

This living over your bodies capacity to regenerate is coming at a cost not only regarding the time that it will take for you get back into balance, but it’s negatively affecting the biological machinery that embodies that process.

What is energy debt?

Commonly referred to as sleep debt or a sleep deficit, which is the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep, energy debt is a bigger idea. A large sleep debt may lead to mental or physical fatigue. There are two kinds of sleep debt, the results of partial sleep deprivation and total sleep deprivation.

Here at Performance Lifestyle, we recognize the idea of sleep debt, but speak more to energy debt, which is that far broader term, and it’s a condition that is only partially influenced by a lack of sleep.

There are other factors in what create energy debt and feeling fatigued despite getting 7-9 hours of sleep. Don’t misunderstand, lack of sleep plays a significant and perhaps a primary role, but to think that lack of sleep is the only thing creating fatigue is to divorce people from the reality of their lives. It’s like saying that stress is created merely by your response to stressors when the reality is that stressors are wearing you down even if you are calmer than a Zen monk.

Here are a few.

  1. Too much dependent on you.
  2. Lack of sleep, or a long enough period of rest.
  3. Overstimulation, without your body having a chance to renew in the right way, at the cellular and quantum level.
  4. Overwork, or overexertion during a given period.
  5. Darkness during the day and light during the night throwing off your nervous system, neurotransmitters and hormonal system out of whack.
  6. Unresolved issues that are causing your brain to remain in a mode of processing when you think you’re at rest.
  7. Relying on sleep alone as your only means of energy restoration
  8. Relying on nutrition as the primary source of energy
  9. Thinking exercise is energizing and stress relief.
  10. Performance Addiction

Then, there’s what’s what science confirms is happening.

When suffering from energy debt, we’re disappointed we are not “motivated enough” to do the things we need to do to function and perform.

We’re plenty motivated! We’re just exhausted — living in energy debt, day after day, week after week – over months and years and this will make optimizing your lifestyle virtually impossible. You’ll roll your eyes back at the sheer thought of it as it appears there are just too many bad habits to resolve.

And while in the throws of taking energy debt personally, you’re in no mood to have some energized person, giving you the advice to fix your current condition. Back to the next Breaking Bad episode and that fantastic snack food, wine or other that is one of the few things making you feel good.

If you think it’s possible, you’re living in energy debt, you probably are!

How can I be so sure?

Because you and I live in modern environments that move at a pace our bodies are just not adapted to maintaining – without applying knowledge, thought, planning, and skill to the process.

There’s no doubt about it: being “debt-free” when it comes to energy just doesn’t happen in today’s world without awareness and commitment.

Even though most of us think we are doing okay, we might be unknowingly carrying around years of accumulated energy debt. We slowly habituate ourselves over time to a low level of alertness, thinking that how we feel now is normal. The truth is that most of us are functioning at a level that is far from optimal, far from the degree of alertness that enables us to be energetic, wide awake, happy, creative, productive, motivated, and healthy human beings.

James Maas ~ Power Sleep

The great news is, it’s not difficult to live relatively free of energy debt (no one is doing so entirely) once you understand how energy works, and learn to work with the principles of your operation to make the most of what you have (and get more)!

Your first step is understanding the problem in full, and how energy (human energy) works!

Performance Living 101™ is coming!

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