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Positive Addiction Part II

Actually Forming the Positive Addiction Part II

To form a positive addiction you’ve got to understand how negative addictions formed.

Here’s my last post, Part II.
You would think that negative addiction is an overwhelmingly hard pattern to break, and in some cases, you would be right. This is especially true for driven entrepreneurs and business professionals who usually have a lot going on and cope with stress in ways that often create more stress. Let’s just say, they, we, can be so focused on outcomes that at times, anything that can keep us going forward, onward and upward, assuming it’s not a blatant healthy and performance killer, becomes something we rely on; even as a reward.

These negative addictions aren’t just the “coffees’ and the “red bulls” … of the world; oftentimes it’s a story we have about ourselves that drives us forward for the wrong reasons, and in a way that is not healthy or right for our wellbeing.

Understanding how a negative addiction is formed is as Einstein said “understanding the problem is half of the solution.” What he actually said was this: “If I were given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes defining the problem and one minute resolving it,” Albert Einstein

In the balance of this post, I’m going to talk about how to actually form a positive addiction.

According to the Optimize Summary, of William Glasser’s book, Positive Addiction:

“A positive addiction can be anything at all that a person chooses to do as long as it fulfills the following six criteria:

(1) It is something noncompetitive that you choose to do and you can devote an hour (approximately) a day to it.

(2) It is possible for you to do it easily and it doesn’t take a great deal of mental effort to do it well.

(3) You can do it alone or rarely with others but it does not depend upon others to do it.

(4) You believe that it has some value (physical, mental, or spiritual) for you.

(5) You believe that if you persist at it you will improve, but this is completely subjective—you need to be the only one who measures that improvement.

(6) The activity must have the quality that you can do it without criticizing yourself. If you can’t accept yourself during this time the activity will not be addicting.”


Break the negative addiction with a positive addiction and watch how your life starts spiraling up.

Negative addictions are choices that you are engaged in habitually. They can change to positive addictions with the help of Tiny Habits, which will enable you to feel good about a change, not bad.
Get ready to change, improve, and optimize the way you live.

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About JAM.

John Allen Mollenhauer “JAM” is an expert at helping driven entrepreneurs and business professionals achieve more through a balanced and healthy, high-performance lifestyle; those who feel distracted and held back in their business, maybe even their life because they don’t have the zest and zeal they used to, the support, and clarity they need to succeed in the way or at the level they want. They’ve gone from program to program each of which promises the solution to perform better, better achieving their ambitious goals and living the lifestyle they envision, but something is missing, something they just can’t quite put their finger on, and they’re ALL-IN to resolve it once and for all.”

JAM is the founder of Performance Lifestyle® Inc—a leading-edge training and coaching practice that motivates people to optimize energy, health, and performance. Thousands of people have been inspired by JAM to redefine lifestyle with a particular emphasis on sourcing natural energy and managing it, to increase performance.

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