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5 of the Biggest Insights I've learned in My Work as a Performance Lifestyle Advisor

In 15 years as a lifestyle-based, performance coach, what are some of the biggest insights I’ve learned?

Here they are…

  1. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, as long as you don’t have enough time and space to renew your personal energy, you will struggle with constant fatigue that undermines everything.
  2. It’s essential to understand energy better, learn how to and maintain a bigger balance of energy than you’re spending.
  3. Once you have a balance of energy to work with, you can now manage your personal energy in a skilled way, only now, proactively, instead of reactively, so that you have the energy you need when you need it.
  4. This “position of strength” enables you to periodize your energy use in a productive way that is structured flexible, and sustainable.
  5. To sustain energy you must come to terms with your present situation, what it really means to focus and have enough support.

I have become more mindful of these patterns than ever before, and especially now that I am teaching PERC, which is based on this core set of dynamics, so vital to healthy, performance living in the culture we find ourselves in today.

Running a company that is helping our population overcome the fatigue epidemic, ironically, one the biggest challenges I have is to not burn my own body out. I would like to say that I never get super fatigued anymore, as a result of renewing and managing my personal energy, but I still can’t. As a high performing person, it happens to me from time to time. But it’s not an all-the-time thing anymore the way it once was.

Of course, it’s not because I don’t value sleep, rest, and recovery… or that I don’t know better; it’s simply due to life factors that get intense and at times they get the best of me for a little too long. The thing is, it just doesn’t happen for long. I know what’s happening and what to do now. I also have enough perspective that I have structure, that’s flexible but dependable and I don’t mess with it much because it works.

I teach this to other people, particularly driven, goal and success oriented people who live outside their optimal or natural performance zone and need to take to take carefully considered steps to renew and manage their energy without having to leave the game their playing the way so many people who’ve pushed it too far, are forced to do.

When it comes to fatigue, people in general, need a reality check; to think you’re never going to get tired is a false expectation, but if you cover up exhaustion, you’re making a terrible mistake. Just terrible.

Focusing your lifestyle around having enough energy for performance and then learning how to live for performance, which is exactly what the pros do to achieve their goals, is a whole new experience of life and it opens up when you take some of the insights in this essay to hear.

I continue to incorporate what I’ve learned in my journey, as well as in coaching others through theirs. Add to this the insights from hundreds of healthy, high-performing, high-achieving people, like athletes along the way, and Performance Lifestyle training will work wonders for you.

But there is something you need to know before you can really, truly get your lifestyle working for you — supporting you and what you are up to in the world, (not against you).

If you are living in personal energy debt, no matter how healthy the rest of your lifestyle is, you will debit your longevity.

Proactive Energy Renewal…

Today, with more and more people complaining about loss of drive and performance due to fatigue and exhaustion, especially in our modern workforce that is faced with relentless demand on their time and energy and lacking the performance lifestyle skills to avert the personal energy debt that accumulates when you overspend your vital energy for far too long; even before performance lifestyle training, you need to understand The Science of Personal Energy Management starting with proactive energy renewal.

Fatigue is one of those conditions that people (including most professionals) do not know or know what the real cause is. It’s not because fatigue is a mystery (well I suppose you could make some argument for that) but because it’s simply not understood well enough by those who are trying to solve it. And it needs a solution when it’s estimated that two out of three women, and three out of five men suffer from it.

It’s not enough today to simply say, get more sleep, or take a nap. Ask anyone who is skilled in nutrition, those who know the underlying dynamics, how much better their eating choices are and how much able they are to eat optimally and enjoy it. It’s because they’re tuned in and turn on.

The same is true with personal energy, the energy that powers you personally, even before you’re fueled up through food. There are underlying principles, practices, and strategy that are essential to know for you to go strong in your everyday life.

So today, after many more years of researching and understanding the science of personal energy management, we are just starting to teach the course in personal energy renewal. I highly recommend you learn as much as you can about proactive personal energy renewal… and the lifestyle management skills needed to ensure you stay both vital and healthy, in this high-performing culture we live in.

We offer a free webinar on how to stop feeling fatigued all the time and regain your vitality in 8 weeks, naturally. I do this every couple of weeks. You can learn more about it here.

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