“The Curse of the Capable” is about the story(‘s) that are driving you to perform non-stop and leading to a downward spiral. Quickly go from getting by to feeling free with the 5-step change-your-story process.

“This important book shows how the quest for impressive achievements can lead many down the path to unhappiness and self-destruction. This book is a must read for those wanting a better understanding of the human potential for self-peace and happiness that is obtainable by all. After all, our physical health is dependent on many factors, including our intimate and caring relationship with others and our mastery over our competitive drives that could sabotage those relationships.”

– Joel Fuhrman, MD.
Author, Eat to Live and Eat for Health,
Family Physician, & Nutritional Researcher.

The Curse of the Capable

If you’re driving yourself non-stop the way most people are, it’s time to ask why. It could be more than being busy or needing to make more money. It could also be your story. This is the crux of what we call the curse of the capable person. If your story is driving you non-stop for the wrong reasons to achieve results that will never come from what you achieve, you are likely suffering from a syndrome that could be ruining your life.

It’s called “Performance Addiction.”

Early in life, we create an internal novel, a fictitious story about ourselves that we write based on what we think is being reflected on us from those around us—as if we are looking at ourselves in a mirror. If the mirrors you are looking into are cracked or inaccurate, you get a distorted view of yourself, much like you would looking in a circus mirror. Thus, you create an inaccurate story about yourself and this story sets the stage for an irrational belief system. A lack of empathy creates an unsupportive internal story, a belief that you’re not quite good enough, which sets the stage for over-achievement to make up for what is secretly missing inside that’s driving you so hard. At first, it’s a mystery that you can’t stop yourself. Eventually, it becomes your curse.

A Performance Lifestyle is the antithesis of the performance addicted life. When you learn how to change your biased story, you can live a life free of tension and anxiety and full of joy and meaningful achievement.