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  • Living in balance (with energy on tap …)
  • With vibrant health
  • Peace of mind

You've got a lot going on in your life.
Not just the crush of day-to-day busy-ness that we all experience. You’re up to big things with your work, your purpose, your creativity. You’re committed to greatness.
And you need to perform at your very best to be up to the task.
You don’t just want to be successful—you want to be healthy. And you don’t want to sacrifice one for the other.
And yet, as you stretch to achieve your goals, that seems to be exactly what’s happening.
You aspire big and drive hard. You’re running as fast as you can to keep up with your life. But it never seems to be enough.
Maybe you’re making some headway in your work—but constantly feel like your health and energy are losing ground in the constant push.  
If you manage to make a few healthy changes, they never seem to stick—or be enough to lift you out of the energy debt that makes your many commitments a constant struggle.
And it may seem like the things you value most in life get shortchanged—because you just don’t have the clarity and horsepower to sustain your progress.
You’re not alone.
It may seem baffling that your efforts to stay fit, healthy and achieve ambitious life goals never seem to “jell.”
But there’s a good reason.
And most of the world is missing it completely.
All of our culture’s endless parade of diets, fitness plans, health-care interventions, personal-growth courses, and success programs aren’t addressing this missing link.  
The good news is you’re about to finding out what that missing link is—and what you can do about it.
There is a vital shift you can make that will powerfully connect your highest goals with your healthy well-being—and feed them both—for a balanced, fully-engaged, and vibrantly healthy life.
This is a mindset shift so radical, it uplifts everything you need to do to reach your goals....for an ease you’ve only dreamed of.
It can transform your physical and mental health and fitness.
It can resolve every obstacle that stands in the way of your ultimate goals.
The result is a comprehensive, flourishing lifestyle that thoroughly supports your deepest aspirations—without sacrificing radiant health.
It’s called Performance Lifestyle.
These keys were discovered by an athlete, coach, and performance expert and his team—through 20+ years of meticulous research, inquiry, and direct experience with the same challenges you face.
When you wake up and learn these keys, you can integrate them seamlessly. You renew your energy, health and power—as you make steady progress toward exceptional goals.
how does it work?
A Performance Lifestyle HEALS the painful, chronic disconnect between health, performance, and success that plagues almost every achievement-oriented professional today.
It lays the complete, solid foundation that other approaches never fully cover—filling the gaps that have left you chasing your tail in frustration and exhaustion.
The health industries, the fitness industries, even the personal growth and personal success fields—each give you only a nearsighted, partial view of the landscape.
And your health, your success—your life itself—keep falling unwittingly into the gaps left by their piecemeal approach.
You end up flying half-blind—distracted, ungrounded and fragmented.
You’re trying to follow rules for a game that you’ve never fully figured out. And of course, that makes you crazy!
If you don’t know what game you’re playing, and the role you’re playing in can't train for it properly, and you aren't really motivated.
What’s more, your lifestyle won’t support your goals or your game.
On the other hand...
When your entire lifestyle is oriented around your performance in every arena—and you treat yourself as worthy of thatincredible change happens.
Lifestyle means a lot of things to a lot of people. Traditionally, it might refer to what you can afford, what you wear, what you eat, what your house is like, who your friends are, your activities and hobbies, and many other preferences.
But a Performance Lifestyle is another approach to lifestyle entirely.
It thoroughly, deeply and holistically addresses:
  • how you spend and manage your personal energy, your time, and your self-care
  • the quality of your food and your activity and your rest
  • all in service of your goals and your well-being.
And in turn, your well-being beautifully serves your goals.
Who lives a Performance Lifestyle?
Historically, there’s only been ONE subset of the population who have learned to apply the power of lifestyle to their specialized, high-level goals—while nurturing superior levels of physical performance.
That population segment is athletes—and while many of them could improve too, most still have something that most of us don’t.
It’s not just talent. It’s not just skill. It’s not even just training.
It’s a entire LIFESTYLE that in every possible way supports their talent, their skill and their training—and their greatest achievements.
Athletes can’t let any aspect of their lifestyle get in the way of their goals.
In fact, every aspect has to support and contribute to their aspirations.
Truly successful athletes live every aspect of their lives in a seamless integration with their goals.
They’re utterly immersed in everything that cares for and feeds their performance—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
They live like that. They live for that.  
They don’t isolate their life practices or self-care from their intentions and achievements—like so many of us do.
They link their lifestyle to their achievements—which enables them to perform at astonishing levels.
Every moment, every day, they make choices that support, nourish, and honor whatever prize they have their eyes on.  
When they do this, they can go all out, without burning themselves out.
Now, athletes aren't perfect. But they are the only population that consistently functions with this lifestyle mindset.
As a result, they look and feel way better than most of us.
The world of athleticism is where the performance lifestyle idea was born—but athletes aren't the only ones who can do it.
The fantastic thing is that, applied wholeheartedly and effectively, you can transform your life and your health with this approach.
The problem is, as everyday folks—even if we’re really up to phenomenal things in our work and in the world—we tend not to see ourselves as powerhouse performers.
We see ourselves as “mere mortals”—not as pros requiring the care, feeding and nourishment that elite athletes would.
Instead of viewing ourselves as a sort of “Olympic star” in our own world, needing to be tended to like someone preparing for a revered athletic event—we see ourselves as “just us.”
Sure, we’ve got a ton on our plates, big ideas and plans. And we push as hard as we can to fulfill them.
And we try to cram into our weekly regimens a little of what we learn from the latest health and fitness headlines. Maybe we do some heroic bouts of dieting and exercise.
But we’re so exhausted, fragmented, and held back that we end up jogging in place. Or worse, falling backwards.
All because our lifestyle isn't supporting us, in a host of vital ways.
And also because no amount of “trying to get ourselves” to eat right, exercise, or rest—divorced from our life goals, and a powerful sense of self-worth and purpose—creates significant and lasting change.
Who’s EVER been motivated to improve a habit or take on a new practice just because we “should?”
Pretty much no one.
It’s like asking a pro athlete to train for...oh, nothing in particular. Why would they?
And why would you?
Right there you have the deeply frustrating and costly source of failure for so many well-meaning would-be performers and achievers...
...and the downfall of just about every “program” that ever tried to help them attain a healthy or successful life.
You’re not coming from the mindset of a person who is Living To Perform.
And with that pivotal mistake, that destructive disconnect...
...we relegate ourselves to a life of running to keep up with our goals, dreams and demands—while attempting to WEDGE health and well-being into the race, haphazardly and ineffectually.
Instead of a lifestyle that supports what you do—or what you want most to do—you’re just driving yourself into the ground.
You’re overstimulated and under-recuperated. 
You’re overfed, but undernourished.
You struggle with overwhelm, fatigue, exhaustion, and stress.

You have no pre-season, no prime season, and no post-season.
You just have a relentless, endless stream of competing demands.
This is the predicament almost everybody is in today in our first-world, professional environment.
It's the downward spiral that most of us are working at staying out of, whether we know it or not. And many of us are failing miserably.
Health complications are all too predictable in this disaster scene that passes for a “lifestyle” in our society today.
And our health/fitness industries are treating superficial symptoms—with impotent solutions that don’t address the roots.
But what if it didn’t have to be that way?
What if you could see yourself as the star athlete of your one precious life...and more importantly, live like that, consistently?
What if you truly treated yourself as if the game you're playing in life is at least as vital and compelling as any famous athlete’s sport or game?
What if you believed this so absolutely that you resolutely cared for your body, your mind, your spirit, and your whole self in accordance with that truth?
What if you were naturally inspired and motivated to feed, fuel nurture, rest, and train every part of you to support your biggest game?
AND, what if you were superbly educated to know exactly how to do it?
You'd be living a Performance Lifestyle.
You’d uplevel everything, without struggle.
And you’d be as supremely healthy AND as outrageously successful as you ever dreamed.
What EXACTLY is a Performance Lifestyle?
There are 12 fundamentals to a Performance Lifestyle.
They include practices and principles that address key areas like:
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Psychology
  • Spirituality
  • Energy management
  • Restoration and recovery
  • Health care
...and more.
People who resoundingly and dramatically succeed in life—and yet maintain vibrant health and well-being while doing it—are living all 12 of these fundamentals.
Either naturally or through training, healthy high-achieving  people have built in these crucial practices and perspectives.
They enjoy what has proven elusive for most would-be achievers: a balanced, fully-engaged, fully-alive existence, regardless of how ambitious their goals.
They’re optimized in every way for peak performance—with flow, proper recovery, and miraculously low stress.
They live to take advantage of and express their gifts and capacities.
Sadly, only 3 percent of the population has yet reached this “holy grail” of dynamic, supercharged success alongside shining health and well-being.
But with the right information, guidance, and context, you CAN do it too.
How does a Performance Lifestyle help you make this shift-and learn to apply and live these fundamentals?

It starts with a profound, wholesale shift in how you see and understand the concept of lifestyle.
Then, by completely restructuring your lifestyle to address all the fundamentals—consciously, meticulously closing all the gaps—we turn your downward energy spiral into fluid forward motion.
We provide information, program, coaching, and tools that teach you how to think, see, and act like a performer or athlete—and build a lifestyle that thoroughly serves your game.
You figure out what game you’re playing.
And then you get everything you need to play it at the highest level possible—to the height of your potential.
You learn to act like an athlete or performer with something serious to show up for, who’s preparing for an event.
You align your true direction with a holistic, across-the-board strategy for achieving your goals—and begin to live a life in which you stay fit for that.
Not for the sake of it. Not out of guilt. Not because your doctor told you to. Not because a magazine or your sister said you should.
Instead, out of joyful, focused, intentional ambition and alignment with your highest purpose.
Everything is informed by and oriented around that: eating, exercising, managing energy, recharging, and more.
Because your lifestyle is aligned with your goals, everything falls into place.
You know exactly what to do. You know how to do it. And you know why you’re doing it. So you do it.
Fully, powerfully, consistently—to every finish line in your life, and beyond.
And you win. Again and again.
Get Renewable Personal Power right now

Get Renewable Personal Powerright now
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Most people don’t realize that our recuperative needs are even greater and more immediate than our food and fitness needs.
That’s why energy management, rest and recovery represents one of the TOP THREE of the 12 fundamentals of a Performance Lifestyle!
And this FREE report gives you unique insights into what energy is, how it works, and how you can quickly master its regeneration.
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One of the KEY ways athletes optimize their lives to meet their goals is by effectively balancing their energy expenditures with recuperation.
But most of us don’t live everyday with that advantage. We live at a significant disadvantage—paying heavy interest on a growing energy debt.
As a result, we lose health, productivity, quality of life, and personal performance. We lose brainpower and resilience.
But, just as athletes do, you CAN learn to apply thought, planning, and skill to the process of balancing the amount of energy you spend with the amount of energy you generate!
From this info-packed free report, you’ll learn:

  • how to avoid energy traps
  • the real differences between rest, recovery, and rejuvenation—and why each has a place in a high-performance life
  • strategies to recuperate using each of these components—every day of your life
Applying these simple yet powerful insights and changes to how you manage your energy will dramatically improve and increase your health, performance, and longevity. 

Try it and see!
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A Performance Lifestyle is the life you’ve known deep down is possible—

but that has eluded you until now.


When you live a Performance Lifestyle, you’ll no longer be held back from your goals, your dreams or life itself.
You won’t be plagued by stress, lack of endurance, energy deficits, sleep issues, negative psychology, insufficient support, lack of balance, unclear expectations or elusive purpose.
You’ll be charging on every cylinder, with every part of life and your health working in seamless and harmonious concert.
You’ll know your goals and your game with crystal clarity.
And you’ll know how to plan, perform, and achieve—with ease and full confidence, health and peace of mind.

About John Allen Mollenhauer


John is a lifestyle entrepreneur, certified trainer, certified nutrition education trainer, former bodybuilder, and endurance athlete.

He is also author/co-author of several books on nutrition and personal energy management, including The Curse of the Capable (with Harvard psychology instructor Arthur P. Ciaramicoli PhD and foreword by Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms) designed to free high achievers from performance addiction.
John passionately promotes a vital, unique path to achieving your highest goals in life, business or sport—with superior health and well-being intact.
For more than two decades, through his own practice, research and inquiry and teaching/coaching hundreds of others, John has been identifying and refining the 12 fundamentals you need to know to live your life like a pro - a lifestyle that delivers high performance with balance, vibrant health and peace of mind.

Achieve your highest goals and live up to your greatest aspirations—while enjoying a healthy, balanced life—with abundant energy and without exhaustion or depletion.

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