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I am a panelist at the Go Red For Women event in NYC. It’s an event I AM particularly interested in because it’s about today’s superwoman finding her balance in a world where she is under pressure constantly; if not from the intense pressures of running the family, certainly from combining those pressures with those of excelling in her career. Backed by an entire movement that is telling women they can have it all and do it all (debatably, and I would add with lots of lifestyle support); today’s opportunity for women is both the most awesome it’s probably ever been and the most daunting.

Does Superwoman know here power? 

Find out here, where I have written an article on the idea of whether superwoman knows her power’ it’s over at my main site–, where my team and inspire, educate and support today’s entrepreneurs, business professionals and leaders on the lifestyle-based performance strategy that will support you, replenish your energy and keep you focused on living the life you want without selling your health and well being short.

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