1. To make stable or steadfast.
  2. To maintain the stability of by means of a stabilizer.
  3. To keep from fluctuating.

A common barrier to weight loss and healthy eating is the uncomfortable sensation of hunger that can drive overeating and compulsive, unhealthy food choices. This kind of hunger is often triggered by unstable blood sugar levels and unstable fuel intake (from not eating enough—or not eating enough of the foods your body really needs).

The compulsion to quell these intense hunger surges can be the downfall of attempts to eat healthy.

It can lead to consuming too many calories—or just the wrong kind of calories (those that lack nutritional density and that add unnecessary and damaging substances to your body instead of adding value).

Sometimes the switch to a nutrient-rich eating style can initially prompt a kind of “toxic hunger”—a symptom of withdrawal from inflammatory foods—but this passes quickly. Continuing to favor and emphasize nutrient-rich foods will lead to stability in every sense—a stable sense of satiety, a stable healthy weight, and stable (and exceptional!) overall health.

Sustainable healthy eating patterns will reduce stress on your body and strengthen your immune system as well (see also STRENGTHEN).

Start nourishing your body on regular basis with nutrient-rich superfoods like vegetables, fruits, beans, raw nuts and seeds (and optionally whole grains), and enjoy the countless meals and menus that can be created from this vast and varied cornucopia of foods.

You’ll notice that your appearance, energy, health, appetite and even mood are all more stable and “even.”

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