1. To make as perfect or effective as possible.
  2. To increase the efficiency
  3. To make the most of.

Success breeds success. When one area of your life starts going in the right direction, it tends to affect other areas of your life. This is true of your lifestyle itself. When one aspect of your lifestyle starts improving, other aspects improve as well.

For instance, when you start eating better, you tend to start sleeping and exercising better. You begin to focus more on aspects of your lifestyle that are holding you back.

And when you improve just one aspect of the way you eat—even if it’s at one meal—it affects the next meal and the next. If your meals have tended to reflect a troubled time of day when you’re pressed for time and squeezed for energy, and you come up with a solution, all of your mealtimes will transform.

Optimizing the way you eat can start with simply adding more nutrient-rich foods each day. Because these foods nourish, detoxify, stabilize and strengthen, they tend to reset your preferences. The healthier you get and the better your body functions and performs, the more drawn you become to the foods that are producing those results—and the less tolerant you are of foods that disrupt it.

Not only will your mind begin to reject these health-sapping influences—your body will cease to tolerate them as well. As you experience these improvements, optimization takes on a life of its own.

Optimization is the ultimate objective of Performance Lifestyle Nutrition. And it will happen naturally, building on itself and gaining momentum; the more you choose nutrient-rich superfoods and allow the five core processes of Performance Lifestyle® Nutrition to unfold.

With your nutrient needs met, with low levels of toxicity, and with a strong immune system, you’ll eliminate toxins quickly and get accurate feedback from your body. You’ll feel so good that you’ll be motivated to increase your best efforts. It won’t be a matter of “discipline,” but of choice.

Nutrient Rich® Superfood Infusions were created to help you include more nutrient-dense, whole, organic plant-based foods in your life—even when you’re pressed for time and energy—so that this optimization can occur.

We believe that the world needs natural food products that can be eaten without preparation, mess, or cleanup when there’s no time to sit down for a meal—and that these products should ultimately help optimize the way a person eats, not promote poor eating.